Sunday, May 04, 2014

FRESH OUT THE BOX: Robyn!!! (and also The Cab, Jennifer Hudson & Strange Talk)

What do you think of the new layout, loves? Yes? No? Maybe? I was in the mood for a change. Apols in advance for slow updates this week -- El Cinco De Mayo brings me Iggy Azalea live at Irving Plaza and Saturday brings HAIM at Terminal 5, so I can finally refresh my 'Live From NYC' column that was beginning to flatline. Thank God(ess Janet Jackson) for Summer!

In the mood for new music? I got you. In addition to the stellar new Ariana Grande single, which I've already spouted on and on about, here's what to turn(t) up this week. (I seriously never use that slang right, do I? Lil Jon would be so disappointed in me...)

"I got you hypnotized..."
Alright, so its a little lazy of a single choice (that second verse? Girl.) and I'm not crazy about J.Hud and Timbo being super vocoded to all hell simply because in Tim's case it's been done before and in Jenn's case it's needless. But I'm happy to hear fresh material from her and her powerful, layered harmony chorus she is clearly channeling her inner Whitney. I'm about that life.

THE CAB - "Lock Me Up"
"Chain me to your heart's desire..."
It's a full 180 change from their gorgeous, underrated 2011 ballad single "Endlessly" but is every bit as catchy. "Lock Me Up", from the EP of the same name out last Tuesday, has verses basically like an early OneRepublic single (cello and all!) before everything began to fit into the Ryan Tedder trademarked template but owns its chanty, shantytown chorus.

STRANGE TALK - "Is It Real?"
"How does it make you feeeeeeeeeeel?"

I can. Not. Stress. This. Enough. Everyone needs to purchase Strange Talk's stellar debut album Cast Away -- which finally hit shelves this past Tuesday. If you are a fan of Pet Shop Boys, A Flock of Seagulls, or other 80's synth staples, you would be depriving yourself if you didn't give these hunky Aussie's a chance. The entire disc is good from start to finish -- mostly because about a bajillion hot ones have already gotten the singles treatment. "Climbing Walls", "Young Hearts", "Falling In Love", "Morning Sun" and "Cast Away" -- definitely a contender for one of the best of 2014.

ROBYN & ROYSKOPP - "Do It Again"
"One more time..."
Everyone, gather 'round -- our Queen has returned to us! It feels like eons since Body Talk, but our Lady Robyn continues to drop poppy morsels of goodness as we wait for her next full record. This collaboration with her longtime friends and upcoming touring partner Royskopp is dancey and wobbly and bass heavy and relentless. It's also one big metaphor for how us Robyn stans feel waiting for her next masterpiece.

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