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How exactly does one cover 5+ months of pop music releases in a single post? Your girl's gonna try. Here's your crash course in what I've been blaring since you last heard from me. Spoiler Alert: there is little to no #KPOP on here. I know.

2017 is a weird time, man.

Oh, hello there! What, you thought you'd perhaps heard the last of me? Not a chance...

Because honestly, what is this blog without a KPOP update?

A lot has been happening in the Idol scene since we last chatted. CL is planning a US Tour to start this week. Boy band BTS has basically stolen EXO's thunder out from under them with a wildly successful (and sexy!) comeback. Big Bang is reportedly planning "one last" hurrah before heading into the army (I'll believe it when I see it). Golden-throated Jino of former SM-The Ballad infamy finally escaped the SM dungeon and debuted with boy band PentagonSuper Junior now only has one member left that hasn't left/finished army service. I.O.I. became arguably my newest "girl group" obsession, and hmmm...what else? Oh yeah, SHINee has returned to bless us with new music.

There's a lot of musical ground to cover in the months since this blog was updated and I was quite keen to keep on keepin' on rather than back-track too heavily. However, it would be very wrong of me indeed not at least mention the brilliance that was Carly Rae Jepsen's Side B EP released a few months back.

We're in a strange pop landscape in 2016. Gaga is a little too keen on going legit via Joanne -- an album that is unarguably strong vocally but in terms of "fun" totally lacking. Britney returned to form almost from out of nowhere, releasing her best album in a decade via Glory. Our best hope in a true teen popstar, Ariana Grande, is already attempting a transition to something a little more urban. But in terms of the current here and now -- America's one true unfailing pop force continues to be a Canadian wunderkind who too many toss off as a one hit wonder.

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