Tuesday, April 29, 2014


#GirlPower with Vocals, stand up!

Billboard has officially declared it Girl Group Week -- which, of course, is the holiest of all weeks. In honor of this auspicious timing, it's the perfect chance to segway into a fab new girl group I've been salivating over the past few months. They quite literally take all of the ingredients of my fave (gal) music groups and blend them into one exciting prospect.

Real life sisters -- yes, actual siblings -- Celia, Daria, Nadia and Felicia (that's a lot of eeahs) Khong are the Jazmin Sisters (the 'jasmine' reference being a nod toward their Chinese-American heritage), four chicks from LA who were brought up on Motown music. They've used this solid musical history as a chief influence in the music they are making now as grown and sassy ladies. 

All of their tunes have that throwback kind of edge to it but with a decidedly current R&B bite. Think of them as a modern day Xscape or En Vogue. They gained serious momentum on the back of a capella videos posted to YouTube, showing off their solid harmony and camaraderie. After appearing on MTV's Top Pop Group and NBC's America's Got Talent, the ladies hopped into the studio with MIDI Mafia and began crafting some future hits. They released the EP 90's Baby back in February, a homage R&B vocal harmony groups of yore and a labor of love that was several years in the making.

The lead single, "You", features a cut-up sample of the SWV track "Weak" and the reference has resonance considering SWV stood for Sisters With Voices. Jazmin Sisters, I see what you did there.

Applause and snaps all around for the clear love and respect for a real harmony group. So to sum it up -- they are four ladies who legit love and support each other, with vocals, who grew up on harmony tunes, self-made and self-driven, who enjoy singing a capella, and choose an SWV classic to be featured in their debut single. Am I dreaming? Nope. These are my type of gals!

The 90's Baby EP is available for mass consumption now. You can follow the ladies on Instagram via @JAZMINsisters.

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