Monday, April 28, 2014


Baby Mariah don' done it again, ya'll. Meet the second official entry into the race for the much coveted Song of the Summer for 2014 (the first obviously being Ed Sheeran's "Sing"). 

Regardless of what you may feel about Ariana Grande, her massive pipes will not be denied. Perhaps the vintage crooning wasn't your cup of tea but for album #2, Ariana is giving her style, her swag and her approach an upgrade. Complete with a feature from the artist of the moment Iggy Azalea, Ariana has officially dropped a "Problem" on us today -- a sassy uptempo full of saxy sax blares, breathy whisper rap and a punchy hook.

A part of me can't shake the Career Confusion vibes I get from Ms. Grande. Something about her does feel a little too manufactured (and this is coming from the World's Biggest Boy Band fan). I won't fault her for trying to find her "groove" however and "Problem" certainly feels like a proverbial hand in a glove.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Teen Queens With Voices. Ariana has all the makings of being a true Demi  / Miley / Selena hybrid. She's got the vocals, the attitude (or at least the posturing) and the cutesy turned sexy sex appeal, respectively. She's also can boast an incredible fanbase (#BuyProblemsOnITunes!) who appears to have come out of the woodwork from seemingly nowhere. Apparently, a lot of people watch Nickelodeon or something.

No matter whether you liked "The Way" or "Baby I" before it, "Problem" takes Ariana's strengths and makes them fun and dancey in a way that is much more believably 2014 than anything on Yours Truly. No doubt this will make a pretty impressive splash -- here's to hoping it sticks for her.

PS - Dear DJs of the World, please somebody mash this up with Natalia Kills' equally ace "Problem." Kthanks.

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