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PLAYLIST: When New & Old Collide

My My, it really has been awhile, right? Here's what's been blaring on the ol' iPod/Spotify these past few weeks... 

TEGAN & SARA - "Love They Say"
To be quite honest, "Love They Say" could be replaced with any of the ten tracks featured on Tegan & Sara's Heartthrob album. If you haven't heard it, get on the stick. There's a reason why everyone and their mother are adoring this record; there is no small doubt it will already be one of the best records of 2013. If you've never heard this twin duo before (or if you have), give Heartthrob a spin. It's their most mainstream friendly album, was produced by Greg Kurstin (Kelly Clarkson, P!NK) and is a cohesive, dreamy blend of pure pop.

I'm warming up to "Suit & Tie" (although this whole Justin/Jay-Z tour thing...not so much), but from the minute I heard second single "Mirrors", my nervous energy for The 20/20 Experience, due for release later this month, started to dissipate. It's "What Goes Around..." Justin at his finest (complete with Timbaland's mouth helicopter noises.

GIRLS ALOUD - "On The Metro"
I never took the time to squee about this when Ten was released back in November, but this album cut has been on utter repeat recently thanks to the big "TEN TOUR", which will most likely be the group's last (give me a second while I cry in the corner over not being British). Why it wasn't released as the girls' final bow at a chart run over the pretty snoozy (but still pretty, I suppose) "Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me", the world may never understand. Let's be real  -- is anyone stanning The Almighty Aloud for their ballads? Uh, not here for them, thanks. "On The Metro" is a dizzying piece of electrosizzle ("I left my heart at the disco/Now I'm crying on the metro") that has missed opportunity written all over it. Produced by The Invisible Men (who also did "The Show", one of my Top 3 Fave Aloud Bangers ever), this one cannot be missed.

ALUNAGEORGE - "Attracting Flies"
The Brit duo AlunaGeorge continue to just get better and better with each respective single release -- case in point their brand new single "Attracting Flies", complete with an eerie synth motive. Their full debut is set for release (in the UK only most likely) this June.

DISCLOSURE - "White Noise (feat. AlunaGeorge)"
Another Brit duo that gained a lot of noise for their remixes of Jessie Ware have gained Top 40 interest across the pond for this sexy dance cut which, again, features AlunaGeorge. It is utter 90's Dance and is so fantastic.

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK - "Remix (I Like The)"
has been back in the studio and will be releasing the follow up to 2008's The Block via their latest offering, Ten. The set will be released in April in support of their upcoming "The Package Tour" (how suggestive), a billing that also includes Boys II Men and the freshly reunited 98 Degrees. First single "Remix (I Like The)," although the title is completely cheesetastic, harkens back to 60's doowop group pop of yore with more focus on harmonies.

JANET LEON - "Heartstrings"
Swedish girl group Play enlisted the help of the then teenage Janet Leon in 2003 when Faye left the group (the first time). Ten years later, homegirl is 22 and busting out her own solo brand of dance Swede pop that ABBA would certainly be proud of via the Melodifestivalen single "Heartstrings". While Janet has already been ousted from the competition (robbed!), she is hard at work on her second solo offering (a follow up to 2009's Janet), which will no doubt include "Heartstrings".

JESSIE WARE - "What You Won't Do For Love"
Yet another plumb example of how the UK is doing it right and in turn, America gets shafted (you give us One Direction, but hold back on the Jessie Ware? Um...). However, it seems as if that is starting to change. Jessie's truncated EP, If You're Never Gonna Move, was released last year and features this stunner of a midtempo. She's performed a handful of dates here in the US and has Katy Perry's stamp of approval. Devotion can land on the US shores anytime now, thanks.

THE SATURDAYS - "Somebody Else's Life (Acoustic)"
Have you been watching the E! series Chasing The Saturdays (because you know I have)? New track "Somebody Else's Life", which will appear on the group's upcoming (and first American) album release, The Chase, serves as the theme song for the song and an acoustic version was the B-Side to the UK version of the "What About Us" single. Arguably the group's strongest lyrics to date, it works well as a big ballad, although I could have done with more harmonies from the ever capable fivesome.

THE CAB - "Endlessly"
What a beautiful pop ballad -- it reminds me a bit of Savage Garden of yore. Lyrically stunning. Piano assisted. What I wouldn't give to hear a cute boy sing this to me.

FALL OUT BOY - "My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark"
Question: are we sure this is 2013 and not 2006? Fall Out Boy have made an ace return with new single "My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark" -- it's very much classic FoB pop punk with a chorus that is as hooky as all get out.

LITTLE BOOTS - "Motorway"
Woman, it's about time. Little Boots long awaited sophomore album, Nocturnes, has finally been announced with a due date in May (her debut, Hands came to us back in 2009). "Motorway" is the first single -- a slow-burning dance midtempo where piano and synth collide. Gorgeous.

FALLULAH - "Out Of It"
Danish popstress Fallulah is not to be slept on. "Out Of It" is an older single (from 2010) and is handclappy and full of ah-ah-ahahahah's. Her latest album, Escapism, was released earlier this month in Denmark.

CARLY RAE JEPSEN - "Tonight I'm Getting Over You"
The failure of "This Kiss" as a bit sparkly pop single is really a shame, isn't it. "Tonight" is Carly Rae's third single offering from her fab Kiss album. I would have preferred "Tiny Little Bows" (but that's just me), but still -- this pop gem has all the ingredients for a hit in 2013. Smooth vocal: check. Dubsteppy Synth Chorus: check. Written by Max Martin: check. Produced by Dr. Luke: check.

Pure pop jam "Gold" is Britt's third official single from her third album offering of the same name (and was co-written by 27 year old Britt). The album recently got a re-release for the Top 40 spectrum after going to #1 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart. I wish all mainstream pop was this sunny.

HAIM - "Don't Save Me"
The only way I can fathom you not hearing about the trio HAIM is if you've been living under a rock as they seem to be the most hyped artist of the moment. Sometimes, the hype equals being too good to be true, but this is not the case here. Alt-Pop "Don't Save Me" is my favorite so far, but current single "Falling" comes in a close second. A release date for the full set hasn't been announced yet, but they are officially now handled by Roc Nation so that bodes pretty well, doesn't it?

LITTLE MIX - "Madhouse"
I couldn't be more ecstatic by the news that Little Mix has have signed an American deal with Columbia. "Wings" has already been served to US Top 40 stations. While I will always be partial to the group's first two singles, I can't really fathom why Syco would roll with "Change Your Life" over more jaunty uptempos for a third single like the incredible and bright "Stereo Soldier" (produced by the same folks who did "Wings", and it sounds like it). While "Stereo" has gotten an obscene amount of plays by me recently, I've also become very partial to the darker "Madhouse". Perhaps it will be an American single?


And some throw backs...

INNOSENSE - "Rain Rain"
I'm not sure why but I'm going through a bit of a Mickey Mouse Club nostalgia phase. Innosense was a five-girl group with the spotlight on Nikki DeLoach (former Mouseketeeer, an ex of *NSYNC's JC Chasez) that, like *NSYNC, was at one point managed by the evil Lou Pearlman. At one point, Britney Spears was a part of their lineup, before deciding to go solo (well played). So Together is early 00's pop at it's most obvious -- there are a lot of cheesy clunkers on there. However, "Rain Rain," a soft ballad that was often performed as an acoustic/acapella piece, was a real sparkler. Fingers crossed some fab new girl group will cover this one and bring it into 2013.

In addition to my MMC leaning, I'm also going through a bit of a latin bend. (Word on the street is Christina Aguilera will soon be releasing another Spanish album! WOOP!) It's hard not to dance to this jam.

SELENA - "Como La Flor"
Sigh. Selena -- you continue to be missed.

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