Thursday, April 11, 2013

COVER WARS: Hans Inglish & Girls Nite Out take on Taylor Swift

Who would have thought that two of my favorite independent artists would inadvertently cross paths in their choice of cover song source material? I'm always a happy camper when that happens! ...

HANS INGLISH - 22 (Remix)
Rapper/All-Around SuperStar Hans Inglish has been keeping busy since his original single "Dance Druggie" has begun going viral this past January by way of adding his own verses and flavor to some pop and dance hits. Two of the most recent include a take on my girl Kerli(!)'s "The Lucky Ones" and Rihanna's "Stay".

This past week, he unleashed another fab remix which he sent to me a few days early to savor over. In a genre-fusion twist of exciting proportions, he amped up Taylor Swift's latest "22" after a recent stint at country music's home base: Nashville. The result is cheeky hip hop/mainstream country  juxtaposition that is both palatable and pretty effortless (see LL/Brad, it is possible!). My main complaint: the remix needs more Inglish.

This remix, as with his Kerli & Rihanna remixes, are available for free download via his SoundCloud so make sure you check that out!

For more on Hans Inglish's viral single "Dance Druggie", click here to read my prior review. You can follow him on the Twitters via @HansInglish, or Instagram as @HansInglish.


GIRLS NITE OUT (GNO) - I Knew You Were Trouble
It's been a second since I've spoken about my girls in GNO (Girls Nite Out, that is) here on the blog, but I've been keeping in step with them via the social media universe. The long and short of it is there are two new members rounding out the GNO party crew: cutiepies KJ and Sharitza have joined forces with OG members Darcie and sisters Jess and Katie.

Things are really starting to rock 'n' roll for my fave indie girl group five-piece. They recently gained recognition by the Teen Idol Mecca that is Popstar Magazine thanks to their superb live cover vid of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" -- broken down acoustically as a soft and rather mournful ballad.

(Back Row, left to right: Jess, Sharitza; Front Row, left to right: Darcie, KJ and Katie)

The group recently announced they will be debuting their official first single (ZOMG!) at a live show performance on April 25th in their local Boston. If you are/will be in the area, here's the show info. Make sure you report back to Melismatic HQ...

For more on my obsession with the ladies GNO, click here to read my introduction feature piece on the girls from way back in 2010(!). Follow them on the Twitters via @GirlsNiteOut and on Instagram as @GirlsNiteOut. Also, the group has just revamped their official website chock full of info on the gals, so check it out here:

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