Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It's a Girls Nite Out

No, this isn't a tribute post to Miley Cyrus' "GNO". But you would expect that from me, wouldn't you? Silly rabbits...

Question for you, fam -- feeling a little bit burntout on the overflow of (sometimes forced) sex appeal that seems to run rampant in the poposphere? In search of a girl group that not just has fun pop songs but also a fun swagger without traipsing around half-naked?

 Enter, Girls Nite Out (or GNO for short), a new Boston-based girl group (look out for Boston -- its becoming a literal groundswell of pop music!) currently working the indie showcase circuit who very well could be the best next big thing. Not only are these girls vocally talented and capable, they also have a key relatability factor -- they aren't trying to be anything they're not. What I love most is they want to be role models to young women -- proving you don't have to dress sexy to be a female in this business -- and want to keep the focus on having fun. 

Make no mistake -- these girls are no Disney-fied sacchrine pop group.Instead, they have decided amongst themselves to present themselves more as a new-age Spice Girls, being honest and real rather than giving in to the assumed necessity that requires young women to sexualize themselves to sell records (or rather...let's be real...iTunes singles). They simply want to make good, clean pop music, minus the percieved  stigma  attached. The group includes a pair of sisters, and each girl has her own style, adding her own swagger  to the collaborative pop recipe that is GNO. They remind me of PYT (in their old days), or even my girls in Soluna -- better yet a junior version of the (also from Boston) Jada. They are a girl group focused on friendship, realness and true talent rather than aesthetics. This fact alone is a breath of fresh air and should be happily rewarded.

Check out GNO performing Jordin Spark's hit "Battlefield" last November.

I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to brag about these girls as I've been hot on their trail for several months now. No better time than the present, as they recently won the semi-finals in a contest with Six Flags (the overall prize is in conjunction with Jive Records), performing in front of (and opening for) JLS and Hot Chelle Rae. Keep your fingers crossed for more doors opening in their favor -- I certainly already am. 

Check out their tunes via their MySpace, or follow them on Twitter @girlsniteout. Check out their highlight reel from the Six Flags show below. If you're interested, I invite you to join their live chat with fans TONIGHT, Tuesday, the 7th, at 7PM Eastern Standard Time, on their Justin.TV account. I shall be there. :) I will also be interviewing the girls for the recently revamped Pop+Nation shortly as well, so if you have any questions, feel free to holler at your girl.

Keep your eyes open for more GNO on Melismatic/Pop+Nation. They are officially my latest "Mel 100% Supports" Artist (see the section to the left on the sidebar).


Traci said...

thank you so much for this amazing write up on the girls. You so hit it on the head of what these girls are about and who they are. Thank you so much for the cont. support of GNO .
excited to see what the future is in hold for these girls as they strive to show the music industry and world who they are . lets bring fun back to music and why we love music so much ..
Thank you so much for this write up.
- Traci
GNO official street team leader/
part of the GNO team

Aaron said...

They sound fantastic and right up my alley! - Thanks so much, great post, I'm certainly looking forward to hearing more from them!

Myfizzypop said...

Yay! new girls group for me to obsess over. It's been dark days lately for girls groups. RBW have all but disappeared, Dolly Rockers gone quiet, CCC split and Mini Viva are no more :/ So thanks for the heads up. I'm all about a new age Spice Girls. Should be right up my alley!

Darcie-GNO ;) said...

Your awesome, thank you :)

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