Monday, January 14, 2013

HEAR THIS: Hans Inglish is a "Dance Druggie"

Dance Druggie
"Noun, Slang.
A person who is addicted to habitually moving their body, feet or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps especially to the accompaniment of music by Hans Inglish."

It's been a second since I've checked into the indie world, and who better to catch up with than Hans Inglish. This week marks the one year anniversary of myself becoming acquainted with his material from an alternate persona that you may recall from this blog as Flawless. Now known as Hans Inglish, he has employed his penchant for catchy beats and a dance structure with witty rhymes toward a whole new (and very much pop) approach for 2013. The result? The radio-ready funkfest that is his brand new single "Dance Druggie."

Somewhere out there in the ether, Far East Movement is jelly jelly. "Dance Druggie" employs all of the dance fever quotas (oh-wha-oh! oh wha-oh!) that are so popular at the mo' at the hands of one dude without losing his lyrical edge.

For all the Dance Druggies out there (I see you), you can download the song gratis thanks to Mr. Inglish himself here. "Dance Druggie" is the first single from the upcoming Inglish 101 EP. For more on Hans Inglish, you can follow him on the Twitterspheres via @HansInglish or 'like' his ish on Facebook.

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