Wednesday, April 10, 2013

UK ROUND-UP: Little Mix Says "How Ya Doin'" / Stooshe Don't 'Slip'

I've always crowed on and on and on how the UK just does it better when it comes to girl pop (Girls Aloud, may you forever RIP). This has never been more clear despite two recent (arguable) misses from my two fave up and coming UK girl groups that things are about to get a whole lot sunnier (in a vintage throwback swing, no less) this summer...

LITTLE MIX - "How Ya Doin' (feat. Missy Elliot)"
My stanship for Perrie, Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne was for a reason, ya'll. "Change Your Life" was cute and everything, but I'm not here for the teenage midtempos, I'm here for the eclectic kid sister of Girls Aloud and the Sugababes (early lineups) that you inherently are. Own it, ladies. Werk.

As I previously stated, I would have been just jolly with "Stereo Soldier" being the follow up single to "Wings" here in the US -- so when I heard word it would instead be the jaunty, throwback jam "How Ya Doin'", I was pleasantly surprised.The song has everything in it to make it a nostalgic UK pop smash -- it is centered around a cover sample (Curiosity Killed The Cat's "Name and Number"), it was co-written and co-produced by Biff Stannard, the ladies themselves lend their pens to the writing and their harmony is spotlighted in a breezy way (like in "Wings").

So the fact that the Queen Ms. Missy Elliot lended her rap to the reworked version is a freakin' cherry on top of the Amazing. Ladies, this ish better be served to the US and stat.

PS - whoever did the wardrobe for this needs to dress f(x) from here on out and also overhaul my entire closet, kthanks.

STOOSHE - "Slip"
The ladies of Stooshe were the Cinderella UK girl group story we all were waiting for. They are a unique fusion of so much of what makes girl groups amazing, their style was fresh and felt organic, and most importantly, they can sing circles around most chicks you will ever meet. "Love Me" and "Black Heart" set the bar high for the album release...and then things fizzled.

What we got instead was a tepid and needless cover of the iconic TLC's "Waterfalls" which Stooshe themselves are kind of pretending never happened. The album was shelved and is in the process of being re-worked, set for a release in the UK this May under the title London With the Lights On.

From this new Stooshe comes their latest original single, also in that vintage throwback vein via "Slip" -- which is somewhere between "Love Me" and "Black Heart" in terms of feel. It literally sounds like a forgotten gem stupidly left on the cutting room floor of Motown Records back in the 60's in the best way possible (complete with a nod to The Supreme's "Where Did Our Love Go"). The group recently performed at South By SouthWest in Austin as well so fingers crossed an American debut is imminent...

It's kind of impossible not to groove to this. Kudos to you, ladies, for sticking to what makes you you, no matter what the label thinks. Who's down for a bowling party?

PS - All of Stooshe is the ish but Ms. Karis Anderson -- you are a f*cking star. Own it.

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