Sunday, May 17, 2015

LIVE FROM NEW YORK: Lo-Fang Scorches at LePoissonRouge

Do you enjoy talented, handsome men who can play multiple instruments? (That should be rhetorical but if you just said 'no' in your head, what's wrong with you?)

Lo-Fang has opened up for Lorde and has quickly creeped up on me, mostly thanks to the suggestion by my friend over at Music Is My King Size Bed. This past week, I finally saw the man live and the rumors are true -- he's an incredible live act and it's really incredible how he can breathe life into his under-appreciated Blue Film album on the stage.

Lo-Fang (real name: Matthew Hemerlein) literally built a musical masterpiece around his haunting vocals through a series of soundscapes and loops made of live performance on the cello, the guitar, and the violin (the latter getting me every time). Seeing these songs live deconstruction sheds new light on their recorded counterparts, in particular jams like "Look Away", "When We're Fire", and "Animal Urges".

And then there's the beast that is his beautiful, sultry cover of "You're The One That I Want" that was somewhat recently used in a Chanel ad. Sigh.

If you're unfamiliar, remedy this now. This is a genius musician at work. 

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