Saturday, May 16, 2015


We're living in a crazy time if you're a fan of the divas as I obviously am. Britney just released a single. Mariah and J.LO are doing Vegas shows. Mary J. dropped a UK-dance focused album that was incredible. And now...

Our Queen -- Janet. Ms. Jackson if you're Nasty -- is coming back. Not just for an album but for a tour, too.

Announcement from Janet Jackson on Vimeo.

Oh Sweet Queen of the Rhythm Nation, finally. FINALLY. It's been seven years since Discipline, fam.

And to be honest, now is an incredible time for a new Janet Jackson album. Can you imagine if we got something like this now in such a politically charged climate? Or what if we got something like this? Or like this since 90's is so hot? OR LIKE THIS? I might die. I literally might.

I'm overwhelmed with the possibilities. I'm so ready for this. SO READY.

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