Monday, May 18, 2015


Happy #MusicMonday!

While I impatiently wait for
Little Mix to return to the pop marketplace, my other fave "current" UK gal group provide us with yet another smash.

Now signed to Operator Records in the UK, trio MO (or M.O) have already racked up quite a few bangers while still staying relatively under the radar even in their native UK. I'm talking about "Ain't Got Time", "For A Minute", "Hot", and "Wait Your Turn". They stayed firmly wedged on that line between lush harmonies and singable choruses, from funky R&B to pop perfection that Sugababes did so well in their heyday.

Their latest is "Preach" and it's everything I wanted it to be. It's a little bit 90's, a little bit island meets mainland, a little bit modern trap, the modern day TLC mass appeal hit we were waiting for.

But -- and it needs to be said -- as much as love the main original version, I utterly adore the Cahill Remix edit. Why? Because it gives me so much Mini Viva vibes. Basically, it makes DJs lives super easy because they would only need to put that edit on infinite repeat and people would still be out dancing on the floor. So c'mon, PREACH!

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