Saturday, December 13, 2014

A YEAR IN REVIEW: 2014's 'Live From New York'

It can't be just me who feels like this year flew by, right? I did something crazy this year and actually put together a 'Best Of' list. You might be thinking -- that's insane! Melismatic never does 'Best Of's' (anymore).  Nope, that changes now. You're welcome in advance.

Before we get to that, let's take a look back at all of the fantastic shows I was lucky enough to see this year...not including the superb Broadway shows that are 'Matilda', 'Once', 'Newsies', 'Hedwig & the Angry Inch', 'Beautiful: the Carole King Musical', 'Motown', 'Side Show' and the soon to be included 'Into The Woods'. 

Forty-One (decent,  huh?)

#blessed, amirite?

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