Friday, February 07, 2014


Apols for being AWOL -- as a few of you already know, it's Fashion Week here in NYC, which basically translates to everything being carrrraaaazzzzzyy. Hence the fact that I was prevented from getting this up yesterday...

This technically would fall under 'FRESH OUT THE BOX', but my gals in Little Mix officially unleashed their sophomore album Salute to my native land (it dropped in the UK back in November -- read my review here) and the girls have been here in my City promoting the disc. This promotional whirlwind included a stop at the Wendy Williams show and I was lucky enough to score entry! Not only did I get to see the live taping but I also attended their unofficial soundcheck prior and was a part of the "mosh pit" that danced and cheered the girls on as they performed "Move" live. Yes. I know. I'm dying, too.

The girls looked fantastic -- and they are all super tiny in real life! (Their name has meaning, is what I'm saying.) Jade further clenched her lead as my fave of the group; I am beyond a shadow of a doubt sure she is my spirit animal for life in general. And as Wendy pointed out, Perrie's engagement ring (from Zayn of One Direction) is kind of blinding it's so blingy. Girl. I'm jeal.

My girls did their thing and I couldn't be more proud! Make sure you pick up Salute if you haven't already -- it's chock full of good 'uns and is by far one of the best girl group records I've heard in a long while. You can watch their performance and interview with Wendy in the video below.

You can also check out my live review from when I saw the girls belt out all their hits (pre-Salute) here at the Highline Ballroom back in August with Radio Disney.

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