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LIVE FROM NEW YORK: Little Mix on the TODAY Show (on Mel's Birthday!)

Little Mix @ the Today Show 2014
(L to R: Jesy, Jade, Perrie & Leigh-Anne)
(c) MelismaticBlog.com
Today -- June 17th -- is my birthday and I spent it with who else but my gal group of the moment, Little Mix. I've come out of it sunburnt, exhausted, and a little worse for the wear but it was WORTH IT.

The UK quartet was in town for a performance on the Today Show for their Toyota Presents...Summer Concert series. They performed a handful of their singles live at the Rockefeller Plaza promenade around 8:30AM.

My birthday, however, started wayyyyy before then. I was up at 3AM in order to catch a town car (#bougie) to Manhattan to get to my VIP pass (again, #bougie) to front row. It's my birthday, I'm not even gonna be modest about it. #sorrynotsorry

Little Mix (Jesy, Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne) - Today Show Soundcheck
(c) MelismaticBlog.com
Leigh-Anne, Jesy, Jade & Perrie (all but Jesy in fabulous pairs of sunglasses) walked onto the stage with their dancer troupe to soundcheck around 6:30AM or so, performing snippet bits of "Little Me", "Move", "Salute" and "Wings" -- the four songs they performed in the action-packed performance hour.

Crowd Malay. (c) MelismaticBlog.com
All four looked casually fabulous even during a 6 o'clock hour Soundcheck. Jesy wore an African Sunset-printed tunic and faux leather leggings -- and let it be said, her hair is God's Gift. No joke. Jade wore a black sleeveless crop top and grey drawstring lounge paints. Perrie wore a black crop top and black drawstring pants -- and seemed somewhat self conscious while dancing regarding her top (LOL?). And Leigh-Anne wore a black tank top with tribal-print pants.

After Soundcheck, we were told a celebrity "surprise guest" would be appearing right in front of where we were standing. Turns out it was Dave Chappelle. Dave to Us: "I didn't know people were awake this early!" Me neither, Dave. Me neither.

Staff began passing out random Today show swag including the obnoxious "sunglasses" I'm seen wearing here to your left, bath sponge microphones, neon orange snapbacks and a gray t-shirt that had all of the concert series performers on it.

The group's requisite videographer was on hand filming the fans, supposedly for another one of their YouTube Tour Diaries. He got a bit of me on film saying it's my birthday (like Christmas Day came early) and that this was the best birthday present ever. We shall see if that footage ends up anywhere...

The entire Today Show crew came out afterward, including Matt Lauer and my new BFF in life Hoda Kotb.

When I asked for a selfie with Hoda in honor of my birthday she looked genuinely surprised people wanted pictures with her. She asked how old I was turning and when I told her "27 (and don't judge me!)", she said, "27?!? You look so young!!" It's a blessing and a curse, guys. Try and tell me that #selfie isn't one of the best things you've ever seen. We totes look related, no?

Hoda & Mel = BFF for LYFE.
(c) MelismaticBlog.com
In between the girls televised performances, they were eagerly signing and snapping photos for any of the fans nearby. Perrie and Leigh-Anne both walked right in front of us on their way into the studio for an interview...

Me (to Perrie): PERRIE! Picture? Picture? Selfie?
Perrie: (nods) Nice nails! (walks away)

Womp womp. But I did manage to get a selfie with one of the Mix -- my fraternal name twin (and curly hair cohort) Leigh-Anne. Birthday = Made. Salute! Salute!

Leigh-Anne of Little Mix & Mel = Birthday Made
(c) MelismaticBlog.com
You can check out some of the live footage from their performances via the video below. Keep an eagle eye out for your girl -- front row, curly hair, blue dress, purple lipstick. What what.

For even more photos (including an instavid that includes soundcheck footage and Perrie waving at us), hit up my Instagram here.

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