Monday, April 28, 2014


Aussie popstar-in-training Betty Who has gone full speed ahead since I saw her last October at the CMJ festival. She's followed up her flawless The Movement EP with an equally gorgeous mini-masterpiece in Slow Dancing EP, an ethereal dalliance into 80's-inspired dream pop. The project is based around the single, "Heartbreak Dream", which I saw her premiere live.

As much as I love "Heartbreak Dream", my favorite of the set has to be the slow-burning "Lovin' Start" -- full of handclaps and un-rushed, jaunty melody. Slow Dancing proves the Robyn comparisons aren't just founded on hairstyle choices alone -- Betty can craft a hook with the best of them. I'm still bummed I missed out on seeing her return to the NYC metro area recently (especially after hearing from a friend who did attend she covered Destiny's Child's "Say My Name"). 

If you haven't joined Who-ville (get it?), you need to jump on the bandwagon because at this rate, it's gonna leave without you.

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