Tuesday, April 09, 2013

IN REVIEW: Kerli Finds 'Utopia'

My new found love for Estonian dance goddess Kerli continues following her epic (and surprise) opening set performance for The Saturdays during their first East Coast performance at the Highline this past January. She is one of those artists that just radiates positive energy and it's hard not to fall for her after experiencing that kind of positivity firsthand.

Her long overdue Utopia EP finally dropped in the US in mid-March, making waves among the disco-y dance enthusiasts among us (where my gay BFFs, at?), and included the bombastic anthem that is "The Lucky Ones", released as a single this past October. It also includes that allusive (at the time) banger "Can't Control The Kids", which I mentioned when I saw her live ("Put your hearts up!").

Another must-listen is the somber piano-driven ballad "Love Me Or Leave Me" which is literally begging for a single status that will probably never come. Dear Demi Lovato, do us a solid and also cover this one as you did with "Skyscraper" (also written by Kerli).

Kerli is currently already on to the next, prepping her third album -- so until we finally hear that masterpiece, let's all put our hearts up.

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