Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The long awaited sophomore disc by left-field pop darling Santigold is officially available for rapid consumption and it's a must get. Spanning genres with a recurring tribal-inspired drum motif, Mast of My Make-Belive really cooks in a dark and seductive way. So much so, it's almost difficult to choose my favorite cut. It usually vacillates between the etheral "Fame", electronic stomper "Freak Like Me", the hype single "Big Mouth" and the fabulousness that is "Go!"

Santigold is one of those artists that falls under the 'Hipster Heading'. You either get it and adore it or its just a little too beyond the Mainstream Scope to get into it. One of the main reasons why I started listening to her is because she was different and willing to bend the rules of what counted as 'pop'.

That blurring of what is 'mainstream' is perfected in "Go!", which features Karen O (a collaboration that is the stuff of Hipster's Dreams, honestly) of another buzz band Yeah Yeah Yeahs ("Heads Will Roll," anyone?). It takes a lot of inspiration from the upswing of hard-bass-dropping rap cuts (think The Throne's "N*ggas In Paris" or "No Church In the Wild" or even Kanye's "Mercy" or "Power"), and while it's catchy to be sure, it's the musical accompanyment and how it accents the monotone, anthematic, chanty feel that really pushes this to the next level.

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