Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Erugghhh! I have such a love/hate relationship with the UK X-Factor finalist Cher Lloyd. There's something about her that turns me off and "Swagger Jagger" (Erugghhh!) did nothing to strengthen that resolve.

However, given the sudden interest and influx of X-Factor finalists here in the States, particularly from Cher's season (which also included Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction), her third official single, "Want U Back," is officially being prepped for US release. It's literally brimming with petulance and snobbiness -- and because of the image Cher projects, she makes it work effectively. Oh, and its ridiculously catchy with its summer time groove, repetative chorus and that hooky bit sprinkled all throughout that recalls a young woman who pouts when she doesn't get her way and stamps her feet in disgust. (Erugghhh!) It's kind of as if Lily Allen and Lady Soverign were one artist that was 18 years old and released a catchy Top 40 song with a reggae influence. Or something.

File this one under Summer Guilty Pleasure. (Erugghhh!)

Remind me again why the USA is getting barraged with X-Factor finalists and yet all is quiet on the Western Front when it comes to Girls Aloud and most of Xenomania's breathren? (Erugghhh!)

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