Monday, May 28, 2012

HEAR THIS: GOSSIP GETS 'JOYFUL' in the right "Direction"

Beth Ditto & Co. in Gossip have recently dropped album #5 in A Joyful Noise, exclusively produced by Brian Higgins, known for his godly work in Xenomania for the Queens in Girls Aloud. It's easily the most listenable front-to-back Gossip album, in my humble opinion, and is noticably looser and slightly more relaxed than their previous works (the flawless driving guitar of "Pop Goes The World" or "Heavy Cross" come right to mind). In a sense, Gossip, much like the Scissor Sisters, are an artist I really adore because it's about creating good, listenable, dancable pop without chasing the Mainstream Hit.

First single "Perfect World" was a mere taste of what was to come from an album chock full of good 'uns. My faves include "Involved", "Horns", "Love In A Foriegn Place", the slightly more familiar (Gossip-wise) "Get A Job", and, obviously, the second single, "Move In the Right Direction."

"Move In the Right Direction" is the big rallying cry push for Top 40 success (a la "Heavy Cross"). Whether or not it will work, we'll just have to wait and see. Clearly, that's not the main thought on Gossip's mind -- whatever they do, they look like they are having a blast. And that is the way to do it, in my book.

Also, if Beth ever wants to wow with another solo dance/electro EP/LP, I'd totally be cool with that, too. Just saying.

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