Monday, September 19, 2011

HEAR THIS: Kelly Rowland is "Dat Chick"

Yeah, I be the one that they love to mention
I tell 'em keep on talkin' cuz I love the attention
And if they wanna see me
I tell 'em they can go high
High to the sky
'Cuz this chick's so fly

-"I'm Dat Chick", Kelly Rowland

Kelendria "Kelly" Rowland's third solo album, Here I Am, finally saw release back in July, and still she continues to struggle with a schizophrenic artistic direction. It's a real shame, as Here I Am has some really great moments. Few truly blend the urban feel she has done in the past ("Stole", "Dilemma") with the dancefloor queen persona she was channeling with the brilliant (and under-appreciated) "Commander"and David Guetta's "When Love Takes Over", as was her initial intention with said album release.

Except for "I'm Dat Chick", a gem written and produced by Tricky Stewart which I first heard live in August of 2010 at two different live performances here  in New York

It continues the brassy, Auto-Tuned Commander!Kelly we saw glimmers of last year, complete with loud "Ha Ha Ha!" interstiches. It's a fierce Kelly without forsaking her urban base that I fell in love with from the first second I heard it live. The sheer ballsy, confident strut of this song makes it an instant earworm, and is a reminder that this Child of Destiny is every bit as worthy of stanning as that OTHER member, whose every move seems to overshadow Ms. Kelly and (equally talented) Michelle Williams kind of inherently. More than a year after I first heard it, and it's still on replay.

A part of me continues to pine for this cut to be used as a Top 40 Single, rather than the "safe" route she's taken with singles "Motivation" and "Lay It On Me". But maybe that's because "Commander" was one of my favorite cuts of 2010. Just saying...

Werk dat fist...

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John said...

With "Rule the World (Girls)" flopping hard, I bet they are staying far away from that as a single. Too bad...I think it's a fun jam.

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