Sunday, September 18, 2011

HEAR THIS: Das Racist Says "Relax"

See me at a poetry slamming like '97
Singing classic numbers by Otis Redding
Totally shredding
Hoping you get it, yeah

-"Relax", Das Racist

It's not everyday you'll see me give props to the rap community -- mostly because it's not the type of music I actively seek out. But there's something about the slightly-left-of-center rap trio that is Das Racist (yeah, it's pronounced how it's spelled) that kind of intrigues me. This despite the fact that Rolling Stone is dubbing them one's to watch (these days, that kind of moniker tends to scare me off -- I am of the believe that I am no longer of Rolling Stone's target audience...just saying). I blame the utterly omniscient Spotify ads promoting their album that made me want to take a second look. Still, I'm glad I did.

It's not the type of music that is for everyone. They are one part dubstep, one part hip hop, one part poetry, one part party, one part ridiculous. Their often thread-bare production harkens back toward hip hop of a different era, and their often non-sequiter lyrics are at times jarring. But if you're sick of rhymes about how rich you are and how many chicks you've got, and dig the gleefully weird sounds of Beastie Boys or the Gorillaz, they might be worth checking out, if only for the novelty. 

Their most recent, and most commercially accessible, album, also titled Relax, is at times too out-of-body even for me (including the Diplo-produced "Happy Rappy"), but the title cut has a kind of laid-back, summery feel that I can't help but dig.

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