Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HEAR THIS: Nayer Stays "Suave" with RedOne & Pitbull

Suavemente besame
I'm ready to do whatever
If you take me away
Suavemente besame
Make you do whatever
If I take you away
-"Suave (Kiss Me)"
, Nayer, featuring Mohombi and Pitbull

You'd think I'd be sick of latin-flavored RedOne cuts. But I'm not.

"Suave (Kiss Me)", the debut solo bow from 25-year-old, Miami-born Nayer (pronounced like "NYE-ah") Regalado, reads like it should be something totally genereic on paper. It sounds like a left-over heater from Jennifer Lopez' recent Love? album (with reason, as RedOne provided most of the best bits from that record, "On the Floor" included). It's call-and-response bits feature fellow RedOne "prodigy" (meaning under-used a la Kat DeLuna, and sadly so) Mohombi. It also features the ubiquitous Pitbull (Aren't we sick of him yet? Can I start a petition?).

Despite all this, "Suave (Kiss Me)" still never fails to make me wiggle around and hit repeat. I think I'm truly a sucker for a latin rhythm, and given that the brief reggaeton-infused movement (see Nina Sky, Daddy Yankee, etc.) on Top 40 radio has come and gone, I'm welcoming this cultural wave back with open arms. Sue me.

Nayer herself is an interesting prospect to me. Her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue looks aside, homegirl has been pursuing music since she was 14 years old, can play guitar and piano, and writes a lot of her own material. Although she released her first real material back in 2002 somewhat independently, she made a moderate splash on the US Dance Charts (right around the same time my girls in Soluna were doing the same thing). "Suave (Kiss Me)" in fact samples this original single. A few years later, and she signed on to be a part of a Universal Music Group girl group (that ended up falling apart after a few different member lineup changes), before returning to a solo stage under the wing of RedOne. Earlier this year, she assisted (although relatively without real credit) on Enrique Iglesias's "Dirty Dancer" "duet" with Usher as well as Pitbull's "Give Me Everything", which went to #1 on the Hot 100.

I'm not quite sure if "Suave" will be the cut to truly establish Nayer as a force to be reckoned with, but even still, it's a lot of fun to twirl your skirt to.

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John said...

I like the track enough, but it's very much "On the Floor" part II. For some reason, I don't like Mohombi. Don't know why, but everything I've heard him on, I haven't liked, and on this song I think he's the weakest link.

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