Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Been A Hot Minute...

...but don't think I'm truly neglecting this site for good. Work has continued to steal the majority of my energy and I don't see that letting up anytime soon with the impending holidays. I do plan on writing my annual Best of List, most likely deciding on a 'Top 10 of 2010' in terms of songs (truly difficult), as well as a few things regarding albums and the KPop/Asian world as well.

Here's what's been going on since I've truly spoken to you last...First, the bad news. Quick, like a Band-Aid.
  • V Factory is officially down another member, this time in the form of requisite pretty, baby-faced Wesley Quinn, who confirmed his departure from the group via Twitter in the first week of November. For those of you not keeping track on the "Love Struck" fivesome, Asher Book (also of the Fame film...fame) also announced his departure in early October. Truthfully, it makes sense, as the two at least were roommates and were noticably very close. Not sure what's going on in the V Factory camp, as their official site and MySpace have not been updated to reflect the changes. From what I gather on their Twitter, they seem to be moving forward. Whether or not that will be with two new members (most likely) or as a trio, only time will tell.
  • Ashley Poole has also confirmed her exit from the Dream reunion group that I adore so much, Lady Phoenix. Her departure really disheartens me regarding their project, but Melissa and Diana seem eager to continue on, with several new jams set to be recorded before the year's end. No word on whether or not they will still be pursing the reality show circuit, however.
  • Mini Viva has confirmed our fears and announced their split. Both members are pursuing solo projects, so visit each of their Twitters (Frankee and Britt). This brings the total of girl groups to hit the skids for good this year to alarming high (Red Blooded Women, Paradiso Girls, Girls Can't Catch). No bueno, fam. No bueno.

But on a lighter note...
  • On the brighter side of news on the Lady Phoenix front, member Melissa Schuman has released never-before heard material on iTunes via an album called Stereotyped. Definitely worth checking out.
  • P!NK's greatest hits package includes two truly great new offerings in "Raise Your Glass" and "F*ckin' Perfect". It's a great way to cap off a truly great decade for the singer, but I think the best is her now confirmed pregnancy. Here's to you, P!NK -- you'll be the most bad-ass mama in pop!
  • Burlesque will be in theatres shortly and I'm KIND of stoked. The soundtrack helps qualm fears regarding the stutter in Christina Aguilera's career in the wake of the album-that-must-not-be-named and her unfortunate divorce. That voice is just undeniable and it certainly stands at the forefront of the film's material.
  • Purple Reign has confirmed they are hard at work on a second mixtape for impending release soon. Keep eyes peeled to their Twitter for info as in happens. Per their page (and producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins), they recently recorded an original song written by Pricilla Renee (who most recently wrote Cheryl Cole's "Promise This").
  • On the obligatory TVXQ!/DBSK front, the boys in JYJ (Junsu/Yoochun/Jaejoong) have confirmed during a recent American showcase (but not mine) that they are prepping a followup single to the anti-climactic "Ayyy Girl" (feat. Kanye West) in the form of the far superior "Empty" (produced by the aforementioned Darkchild). A video is set to be shot shortly. And on the HoMin (Yunho/Changmin) front, SM has confirmed they are in the process of prepping their own comeback as a duo (tentatively as "Dong Bang Duo", although I don't know how reputable that is), and are in the recording stages of their single with the same producers who brought us the utter epic win that is/was/will always be SHINee's "Lucifer". Yeah, I'm just a little bit excited.
  • Travis Garland is currently prepping his LONG awaited solo release via a mixtape, Last Man Standing. It's currently in the mixing stages which means we should have it in our headphones shortly. And while we're at it, roomies Simon Curtis and Rochella Danishei are both working on soon to be released new albums that are due quite shortly as well...
  • I've heard Rihanna's new disc, LOUD, (can you believe it's her fifth?) and although I'm not digging her as hard as I was during the Good Girl Gone Bad era, she has restored my faith and enstilled trust that Rated R seemed to be a wayward fluke. Choice tracks: "S&M", "California King Bed", "Cheers (Drink To That)" (Avril sample and all!), and the two big singles in "What's My Name?" and "Only Girl (In the World)".
  • I've committed an utter crime in the fact that I actually like Nicole Scherzinger's upcoming "first" solo single in "Poison", a spacey, punchy RedOne number that definitely wants to be one for the clubs and attempts to re-invent Red's "wheel" in terms of sound. Honestly, it really doesn't matter who it's by, the song is a grower, so if this one doesn't work for Nic, I don't really know what will.
  • More so that Rihanna, I've found myself spinning Cee-Lo Green's most recent effort, The Ladykiller, especially "Bright Lights Bigger City", which is worth the price of the album alone. Also, the Smeezingtons produced "F*ck You" continues to get better with every listen, and further cements in my mind that this production group (which includes Bruno Mars) may just be the ones to watch in 2011. Evidence of Greatness: Far East Movement's "Rocketeer", "Girls On the Dancefloor" and "If I Was You (OMG") -- my favorite three cuts on Free Wired; Bruno's "Grenade"; B.O.B.'s"Nothing On You"; the guilty pleasure that is Sugababes "Get Sexy" (original version, por favor) and K'NAAN's "Wavin' Flag" and "Bang Bang". Me like. Best part, they don't scream out "SMEEZINGTONS" whenever the track starts or try to create some kind of lyrical "catchphrase". I'm hoping the reasons behind this are more noble than the fact that SMEEZINGTONS doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.


Myfizzypop said...

all in all, as long as you are still around i can just about cope with the boyband dramas :) Are you contributing to my starbucks themed online christmas card?! Send me a pic Mel!!

Aaron said...

Glad you're still around! - Happy Birthday and sad Boyband/Girlband news, but it's possibly worth just sticking to the big ones :(

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