Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday To Moi

::Blows out imaginary candles::

Allow me to dole out the cake slices and scoops of ice cream for today is Melismatic's Official 2nd Birthday. It was on this date in 2008, when T.I. and Rihanna's "Live Your Life" was #1 on the Hot 100 (when you put it that way, it doesn't seem like it was too long ago, now does it?) that I decided to take fingers to keys and muse about my favorite popstars. ::wipes tears:: My baby's growing up, ya'll. As they say, the two's can be terrible and I've been no stranger to absent posts and laziness but today only serves as a reminder to yours truly what an accomplishment I've made in keeping up these ramblings for two years consecutively, and just how much work it is to keep up this side hobby when you also have this little thing going on known as a life.

Much love and sincere gratitude to all of my blogger buddies for all the support over the two years (gah!), especially Nikki, Paul, Elvin, John, Will, Loy, Ken, Chemistry is Dead, ChartRigger, Jennifer, Jio, McRoth, Jessica, Kat, and to everyone at Resolution Radio and Hit Predictor for believing in me and allowing me to expand my "franchise". I would link you all, but today is my day so I'm feeling selfish. ;)

Now excuse me while I pig out on soda, Korean BBQ and Lindt chocolates.


Jio said...

Happy birthday to the site, Mel! :>

J.Mensah said...

Ahh!!! Look at you and your two years in the bloggin bid'niz. Go Mel!

John said...

Happy 2nd b'day! You're goin' worldwide, girl! Keep doin' what you're doin', and just know you've got all of our support.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! BE PROUD. xx

rcLoy said...

Happy Birthday! :) I want some Korean BBQ too :)

Yuяi said...

Happy blogoversiary! Keep up the great work here, Mel! =)

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