Monday, October 18, 2010

Dream On

Prepare to cry.

It's been no secret Lady Phoenix, the older and wiser trio version of the original Dream, have been planning world domination for some time now. As a group I 100% support (and have supported since the early Dream days), any news is great news regarding these three incredible young ladies. In addition to their upcoming album of old school meets new school pop tunage, LP is also in the process of developing their own reality television show. They are currently shopping their concept to many different networks, but recently released their "reel" online for fans to view, and also to help generate viral support. 

(Left to Right: Melissa, Ashley and Diana)

The reality concept follows the group as they struggle to return to the limelight minus the prefabrication, as they overcome the hurdles of real-life expectations, work normal 9 to 5's and have words with their families, spouses and each other. It even outlines Melissa's recent pregnancy (which led to an adorable baby boy!) and the tensions it put on the pace of the Lady Phoenix project. No topic seems to be truly off limits, and once again I am stunned by how relatable and endearing these girls inherently are in a business that everyday threatens to turn me cynical and jaded.

Take a look at the short reel below and pass along the love if you like it. The power of word of mouth (or rather, in the Internet age, the power of social networking) is indeed an awesome thing.

To watch my own personal interview with Lady Phoenix from back in April of this year, click here.


Linus said...

Hell to the YES! Bring this show to life ASAP!

Jeremy Bray said...

I hope a network picks it up, I would love to watch it!

Chris. said...

Someone definitely needs to pick up this show. I used to be a huge fan back in the days and id love to see them succeed again. they were great and talented but as usual whatever P diddy touches ...:/ well i wont even go there. but they were better than the wanna be version of them,Danity kane. well my best wishes to the girls.cant wait for a cd to drop ill buy it for sure. ;)

Myfizzypop said...

i'm still in mourning for Red Blooded Women and Candy Coated Chaos.

Gaia said...

Do you have Melissa Schuman's solo album "Stereotyped"? I heard it was released to iTunes but it's not on there now.

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