Tuesday, November 02, 2010

GNO is Not 'Too Young'...

I first formally introduced you to the ladies GNO (that is Girls Nite Out) back in September. I'm here to tell you now that you might want to have your own GNO on Wednesday nights (or rather GNI -- because you don't wanna miss this), as the girls have graciously given me the blessing to WORLD PREMIERE one of their brand new songs on my radio show!

For those of you who were a bit slow on the uptake and haven't yet caught on to the GNO bandwagon, I will refresh your lazy memories. The five-piece girl group is from Boston, and work a bit like a modern day Spice Girls minus the cheesy nicknames. Each girl has her own style and flair, coming together to create a lineup that will allow just about anyone to relate. This also mirror's the group's sound, as it is a fun fusion of lighthearted pop, R&B, eurodance and electro sizzle. 

The group has already opened up for JLS and Hot Chelle Rae and are gearing up for label showcases, getting ready to strut their stuff in a very big way. They've already docked material with producers from around the world (including from Sweden, LDN and Germany), and are very much looking like the next best thing -- mostly because they fit the Disney mindset without being too homogenized or saccharine. Believe it or not -- they are just modest, down to earth, relatable girls who refuse to rely on a gimmick to make a name for themselves. Instead, they spend the majority of their time in the studio practicing their vocals and dance steps like any good girl group should. Not only that, but they often Twitter, Tumblr and chat with fans on UStream, developing a healthy pre-famebump fanbase.

So, prepare -- on Wednesday, November 3rd, at 9PM Eastern on Resolution Radio during my Pop+Nation Power Hour radio show, I will be premiering a brand new cut by the girls called "Too Young." The song is a great example of what GNO does best --  pop with all kinds of fresh flavors. It walks the fine line of singable, bouncy pop with a trace of tangible melancholy nostalgia in the twangy back chords.

Many many thanks to Traci, everyone at GNO's Street Team and of course, the generous girls themselves for this incredible exclusive! Be sure to tune in and rock out -- these girls are due big things! Get on board! It's a movement, people!

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