Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Que Bella

From the ashes of Red Blooded Women, we have a new trio female pop three-piece to obsess over. (Well, Mel, that was fast.)

(Left to right: Denisse, Harmony and Raquel.Try and tell me they aren't adorable. And aren't Raquel's leggings ferosh in the best way?)

Their name is Bellevoxx, literally translating to "beautiful voices". They are a bit unlike RBW in sound (more along the lines of another new girl group I'm super psyched about Girls Nite Out), as Bellevoxx (comprised of members Denisse, Harmony and Raquel) is more straight pop with unique splashes and quirks. They are the first signees to the brand new W2W Records Group (via Universal Music Group). Their positive energy is what sets them apart, as the group candidly states their three members balance each other out emotionally and are striving to create something that young women can relate and look up to (::biiiiiig thumbs up, says Mel::).

While they originally caught my attention for their catchy first single, after a bit more digging beyond the surface I found out group member Raquel is a former member of the short-lived girl group Valli Girls (which had a soundtrack cut on one of those "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" movies), and grew up in Albany, New York -- not far from where yours truly grew up. I'm always keen on supporting new talent, especially if its local ties blend with my own!

The debut single, was released a few weeks back. It's called "Looking for Love" and has a fun little reggae-esque kind of swing amidst the poppy goodness, merely hinting at what they are capable of.  Truth be told, I believe it's there mere tip of the iceberg in terms of what's to come. It was also produced by G Productions, who gave us the synthy dance ditty that is School Gyrls "Something Like A Party" if that's any indicator to you of the fun levels. 

Keep an eye out for more Bellevoxx here on Melismatic -- I shall also be featuring their single on my Resolution Radio show in the coming weeks.

"Looking for Love" is now available on iTunes. You can listen to the track below. You can purchase "Looking for Love" on iTunes here.

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Myfizzypop said...

ooo good, i need something to take away the red blooded pain!! haha. There is also a solid UK girl group called Ultra Girls (formerly project a) - i'm not sure whether you've mentioned them before or not///

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