Monday, March 01, 2010

[WGO] Now Where Was I?

Oh, that's right. It's been so long since I've blogged here at Melismatic I'm starting to feel like it's impossible to even find a place to begin. Not writing for almost two weeks will do that to a girl. It would take forever to enumerate everything, so here's the Cliff Notes version:
  •  I've compiled my Most Listened to in February list, and let's put it this way -- eight of the ten tracks are Korean. Yes, really.
  • Speaking of Korean Pop Music, a ton has been going on (but really, when isn't that the case -- those kids sure know how to hustle over there). The cuties in 4minute have teamed up with American R&B artist Amerie (why, hello there, Korean Wave!) for a track called "Heard 'Em All", which will serve as their first introduction to the American public at large. They and their label-mates in boy band B2ST (who have a new mini-album dropping shortly) are both rumored to be making a bit of a stateside impact shortly thanks to an endorsement by their label Cube Entertainment with US uberlabel Universal.
  • The boy band who has stolen my heart, TVXQ (/DBSK/ choose), have broken a number of records this past week with the incredible sales of their latest hits compliation, particularly in Japan. The album also currently sits at #1 on the United World Chart, a first for the group. Watch out, world. Here they come (I hope)!
  • The ten billionth song has been downloaded/bought at iTunes. It was Johnny Cash's "Guess Things Happen That Way." Thought it was worth mentioning.
  • My girl FeFe Dobson officially has an projected American release date for her upcoming project after her sophomore album was shelved. The single, "I Want You", is due for radio impact shortly. More on this to follow...
  • I got lots of comments regarding Esmee Denters and "007 On You" -- saying the video I embedded was disabled. So, in case you didn't catch it, here it is again.
  • Word is beginning to circulate about three potential releases by Robyn this year, which makes me so giddy words cannot even begin to express.
  • Ke$ha and "Tik Tok" has finally been topped at the Hot 100 (finally!). That's the good news. The bad? It was thanks to...surprise surprise...Black Eyed Peas and their latest effort, "I'mma Be". While I much prefer "Rock That Body" (or even the "I'mma Be Rockin' That Body" mashup), I suppose I can stomach anythingn that isn't Ke$ha at this point.
  • My country-twinges have found a new love officially in the hands of Lady Antebellum and "Need You Now". Such an earnest and pretty ballad of a song, no? (The millions of people who are already sick of this song are probably chucking things at late-pass people like me right now, but I could care less.)
  • Alphabeat have circulated a lovely little cover mashup of Lady Gaga's singles "Bad Romance" and "Telephone", as an homage to La Gaga as they embark as her opening act for the Euro leg of her tour. It's every bit as good as everyone on my blogroll has been saying it is. (Like you really needed me telling you this. Just nod like you care.)
  • It's March and there's still no word on Christina Aguilera's Bionic project. Insert Mel's "I'm trying to stay psyched but inside I'm really really really antzy" face.
  • I sure use italics a lot, don't I? 

    More proper posts are coming soon.


Maija said...

I am also late to the "Need You Now" Lady Antebellum popularity contest, but I must say that I LOVE it! I sometimes even hear it in my sleep. Especially weird because I don't like country music :)

Aaron said...

Hehe - Great to hear from you! Anyway, Thoughts? Not a whole lot - I'm a bit shot to pieces in my mind at the moment..

Nice Robyn news, if a little expensive ;)

Myfizzypop said...

I'm getting antsy about Christina too (ditto Sophie Ellis Bextor Hyphen Jones). Why are we waiting (ditto Scissor Sisters!!)

Mel said...

Maija - Such a good one, right? I usually have ONE country song on repeat on my usual playlist, but overall, I'm not much for it unless it screams pop crossover. And they certainly do.

Aaron - :) And you too, as always! True that about the Robyn news though. Didn't think of it that way. Oh well. ;)

Paul - Haven't we been waiting on SEB for forever at this point? Or am I imagining things? I'd rather have something from Kylie, really. ;)

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