Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Denters. Esmée Denters.

Dutch popstar Esmée Denters has everything going for her and yet she is still underrated. She's vocally phenomenal. She's adorable as all hell but still relatable as the girl-next-door. She was discovered by posting videos of herself singing on YouTube, which millions upon millions of people listened to and loved. She's the first big protege of one Mr. Justin Timberlake. Tell me that doesn't sound downright 'Cinderella' to you.

Yet, for some reason, her career has yet to blow up even in the tinsiest bit to where it should be, other than in her home country of the Netherlands. My thought process is thus: Justin Timberlake is either the world's best slow-burn marketing maven, or something got lost in translation.

Debut single, "Outta Here", was a fun piece of pop to be sure, co-produced by Mr. JT (Whatcha Got For Me) himself. It doesn't quite knock you over the head with its amazingness, but it certainly showcases what Esmée is capable off. The song was released in the middle of last year in Europe and is just starting to trickle about here. Only now is it getting a true follow up in the UK, in the form of Toby Gad co-write "Admit It", which sounds a bit like a school-girly version of a JoJo's B-Side (in no way a bad thing, she in fact reminds me quite a bit of JoJo, I just want so much more in terms of ace material -- for her and JoJo both). 

Therein lies the rub: Ms. Denters simply isn't getting the right kind of material. I fear she's a bit typecast as the cutesy girl next door rather than the brash in-your-face pop diva she certainly could be. The album is yet to be released in the USA, but after hearing it in full, I stand by my thought process that much of it sounds like filler in comparison of what one would expect by a Timberlake protege who's got vocals to boast.

Enter RedOne, the producer of the moment thanks to his work with Lady Gaga. A brand spankin' new track, dubbed "007 On You" (like the James Bond movies, get it?), has surfaced -- it's intent unknown. I wanted to doubt it was a leftover cut from her debut, Outta Here, released back in May in select countries in Europe, so my money's on it being featured on the impending United States/North American release. However, sources are telling me it was in fact a demo, and was a co-write by Esmée and the Lady herself, written just before "Just Dance" took over the pop universe. Remind me again why it wasn't included on her debut set? Huh, JT?

The song is classic uptempo RedOne (RedOne...Esmée), along par of Pixie Lott's "Here We Go Again" or Jada's "American Cowboy" (although comparison's to "Poker Face" are less obvious). I agree that RedOne tends to save his best and more innovative stuff for Gaga or Kat DeLuna (who is also mired up in delays for her sophomore release) and this is another example of it, but at least "007 On You" features some suprisingly diva lyrics.

Trust me, I already know your type
You're just a man-ho
You're so predictable
Got on my white gloves
And my criminal kit
You'll be surprised
How I got you down
Even got your fingerprints

Sounds a bit more "CSI" than James Bond, but whatever floats your boat. As the chorus kicks up, the familiar everything-including-the-kitchen-sink RedOne danceswirl kicks in in a good way, but doesn't drown out her vocals which turn increasingly more confident and strong, like what we saw in "Outta Here" turned up a few notches.

I could totally see a 'Charlie's Angels' style music video for this, complete with JT as Charlie. On second thought, that might be a terrible idea. Still -- it may be kitsch to the enth degree, but what a fun track to groove to. How many other RedOne cuts can boast the lyrics "man-ho"? Yeah, that's right -- none. Check it out, below.


Aaron said...

Well, Everyone's been rather hilarious too - Great post!

Anyway, I quite like Outta Here, and am desperate for the album to get a US release - Bring on the new track too - Sounds great!

Also - I really need the Kat DeLuna album soon - I'm a HUGE fan of her, and I'm really desperate here!

rcLoy said...

The user have removed the video. Erm :(

Myfizzypop said...

I know of her, but I couldn't sing you any songs and I've probably unfairly passed her by. I shall definitely be checking her out in future :)

Yuяi said...

You make a great point, Mel. I heard she was a youtube sensation and how JT signed her. Honestly, I've not bothered to give her the time of day. I will be checking her out now, thanks to this post. You had me at RedOne.

Mike said...

Boo, video removed! Wanna hear this.

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