Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Seriously Stupid Sh*t


Dear Girlicious
I know dressing up like Europopstars is a lot of fun, and everything, but The Dolly Rockers would like their image back. Kthanks. Don't try unless you can truly make it fierce. They can. And you can't.
Love, Mel

If you have been frequenting this blog since it's humble beginnings, you are probably somewhat familiar of the vaguely embarrassing fact that I'm somewhat of a secret fan of Girlicious. When I first heard word of the booting of Tiffanie Anderson mid-last year, I was less than enthused, especially since the reasons given pointed toward the dictatorship that is La Casa de Robin Antin (perhaps you're more familiar with the Pussycat Dolls and their current revolving door member debacle). However, my heart was torn when I heard they would be re-focusing their group from their notoriously guilty-pleasure trashy R&Pop in favor of a more synthy, electro kind of sound.

Fresh single "Over You" is still a semi-heater on my iTunes, but hardly gives me the enjoyment that, say, "Like Me", "Still In Love" or "Baby Doll" did (and honestly, doesn't sound too different from their older material, really). I will state here and now however that if they are truly pursuing the above look, I will no longer be a closest fan, but in full on snark mode at their blatant attempts at publicity boosting by sheeping off of the slightly more creative. Le sigh. There's only so many excuses I can come up with, ladies.

Somewhere, Tiffanie Anderson is saving this picture to her harddrive to laugh at for days when she's feeling down.


Linus said...

The reality show and their debut album was my favoritest guilty pleasure! Now? Not so much. Zero edge, zero fun and... have you watched any interviews with them since Tif got the boot? They have zero chemistry!

Nikki said...

I USED to like A FEW songs (never liked the singles though), but now? UGH. Hate the song and the image.

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