Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rockin' Out Like Boom Boom Pow

It's been awhile since I've sat down and stated the new(ish) tracks that I'm really feeling. And given that I listen to music about 65% of the time that I spend at work, I do still listen to a lot of music. Here are a few of my favorite tracks that whenever I hear them -- I have to wiggle around, even if I'm at my work cubicle.

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
I can barely contain my excitement for the Peas' new album. I first saw the group live when they were opening up for Mr. JT and Xtina during their "Justified and Stripped" tour, and actually watched them walk right in front of me sans bodyguards (because back then, they didn't need them) at the hotel I was set to be staying in. A lot has changed since their breakthrough "Where Is the Love" days, and "Boom Boom Pow" calms fans curiousity that the Peas' aren't changing up too much for their new record, The END. The song sounds like it pretty much could be featured on Monkey Business, except it features much more of the vocoded-ness (not to mention the word "swagger") that so many popular tracks in oh-NINE seem to contain. Love it.

Flo Rida - Right Round
I know, I know. I deplored the silly-ness of "Low". Yes, I know I may sound hypocritical on this. But give me any hot jam with a slick beat that features a heavy sample from the 1980's and I'm gonna be a happy camper. There is just no two ways about it. "Right Round" is definitely not the most original track, and Flo Rida's rhymes kind of all sound the same at this point, but -- honestly -- it's not about the rap that makes this song enjoyable. I may even end up snagging his new disc. Although -- I will say, that when you take a perfectly good song and cut it up to mean something entirely different, I get a bit annoyed. Hence the points Mr. Florida loses with the track "Nasty Dancer" -- a cut-up of the great and legendary Ms. Tina Turner's classic "Private Dancer." Sigh.

Red Blooded Women - Enjoy the Silence
Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I adore the legends that are Depeche Freakin' Mode. So when not one, but two of my fave new girl groups decide to take DM on face-first, I get very very intrigued. The first to break through were The Saturdays cover of "Just Can't Get Enough", and it's a fun poppy gem. I still love listening to it. But -- I have to say that RBW's cover of "Enjoy the Silence" really has won the trophy in this Cover Girlfight. It's so synthy and dark and dancable and 80's...it shows how much RBW gets (and digs) the electro vibe, and unlike their contemporaries in The Satz, appreciate DM for what they are -- a group that doesn't go for the obvious choices. "Just Can't Get Enough" got this shiny, pop gleam that is fun, no question -- but there is something more intriguing about "Enjoy the Silence" that suggests it will be fun to listen to years from now, rather than just now.

Day26 - Stadium Music (Flashing Lights)
I enjoyed two of their previous singles, but I'll admit to passing Day26 off as another manufactured group that will fall by the wasteside as nothing too unique. "Stadium Music" definitely changed my mind and perked up my ears. It's arguably the very R&B group's most poppy offering so far, but it doesn't compromise the group's original identity. The song has a banging beat and just fills you up with its gorguo-sity. Love it!

Jamie Foxx - Blame It
I'm so late to jump on this song's gravy train, but you can't blame that on the ah-ah ah-ah-ah-al-co-hol. It may not be the most intelligent jam, but it's definitely fun to dance to. End of the story.

T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone
It was Justin's chorus that got me interested because it grabs you with hooks and never lets go -- it just repeats in your head over and over. But once I actually sat down and listened to T.I.'s rhymes, I started to realize just how good of a rapper he really is. I'm not much for rap music usually -- as so much of commercial rap is just based on women (Flo Rida) and booze. But T.I. has proved with this latest record just how much he can bring to the table. It's not to say he hasn't made stupid mistakes, but I respect that he is taking responsibility for his sins, and that "Road to Redemption" show, although it is a bit self-indulgent at times, really does give out a positive influence.

BOA - Eat You Up (DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Radio Remix)
The first time I heard "Eat You Up"'s original cut, my interest was peaked. BOA can provoke a reaction, be it positive or negative. There is no doubt that there is no one like her in the US market right now. Her success in the Asian market isn't exactly translating to success here in the US like the folks in her camp were hoping, but maybe it's because her voice and sound is both so unique and so familiar. It wasn't until I heard this remix of the song that I started to get it. And after hearing the full record -- I'm afraid that, not unlike Robyn, American just doesn't get her. And it's a shame.

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