Friday, February 27, 2009

Life of An Intern (Part 4/5)

THURSDAY, February 26, 2009
Late Day

After just five hours of sleep, I make it in to the office at 11:30. I spend till 2PM on the Sales Report for the Head of Artist Development that's due Monday. At 2, I'm asked by one of my supervisor's to help fill in the Itinerary document for our rock/rap artist group. It entails writing a daily schedule for the band and it's manager.

2:32PM - Everyone (literally) except me and the other general intern left for lunch. Finished the itnerary. Back to the sales report.

2:40PM: Overheard that one of our artist's new single will be used as promo music for a new show on ABC that premieres tonight.

2:53PM: Some people have returned from lunch. Still on the same artist on the sales report.

3:10PM: On to 2nd to last artist on sales report...

3:15PM: My fellow intern is a sweetheart. He offered to grab lunch for me, as since there's only the two of us today, we can't go to lunch together like everyone else.

3:31PM: Last artist now...

3:44PM: My lunch is here but I don't get to eat it -- interuppted by one sup to do one thing, and asked by a different sup to something else at the same time...I hate when there's only two interns in!!!

3:50PM: Printer is out of paper. Grrr. Off to do some heavy lifting to get more computer paper.

3:55PM: They are playing Robyn in the office loudspeaker! :) A random remix of "Be Mine!".

3:56PM: Ahh solid food. How I've missed you. And attempting to finish this here sales reporting.

4:08PM: Done! Sending last minute questions for my sup -- he says everything else comes in on Monday. Sweet! :)

4:13PM: Perusing Billboard. Headphones going on now...set to my Lady Gaga,
The Saturdays, Girls Aloud, The Veronicas, Robyn mix. ;)

4:31PM: Interrupting my Lady Gaga breakdown to add names to our company
address book/Rolodex. Sadly turning the music off for now. :(

5:14PM: Done. My how the day flies when you come in an hour and a half late and have a ton to do.

5:19PM: Back to the music, and adding tour dates for our least known artist.

4:39PM: Waiting on list of addresses, package I made before was an incorrect address, need to fix it...

5:10PM: Add tourdates for our least known artist to our label's myspace...

5:39PM: ...and to the artist's Bebo page...

5:48PM: Done. Waiting on word from my other intern on his progress. He has to leave early to bring his cousin to a school I'm by my lonesome... :(

5:51PM: Listening to the Veronicas as I finish up where he left off on the artist's official MySpace page.

6:02PM: Now the sole intern in the place, and have to handle all mainline phone calls in addition to finishing this pile of work. How appropriate The Satz'
"Work" comes on! Grin. Not. Taking a second to compile the Daily MySpace tabs...

6:10PM: Back to adding tour dates...Let's try

6:11PM: Errr or not. No space to post dates. Moving on to Imeem.

6:13PM: Adding his one new friend request before adding the dates.

6:15PM: Aww crap. Imeem requires zip codes to post a new date. Awwwww.....Pulling up Google...

6:32PM: Done with iMEEM. Off to add the same dates to his iLike profile...

6:36PM: iLike requires more specifics that I don't have to add friends back on iMEEM.

-50 for our rock/rap group which is arguably our biggest right now.
-49 for our 2nd biggest group in terms of sales.
-9 for our artist who's album came out on Tuesday.
-85 for our mega multi platinum artist.

6:44PM: 40 more for megaplatinum and they are asking me for my intern # meaning I'm gonna get another task. Darn it. I hate being the only one here.

6:46PM: Task for me from one of the execs. It's exciting to see him write my name in an email. :)

6:56PM: I just realized I'm the only girl here. So I have to do an express mailing, and wait on the Graphic Design Head to finish off a video Cd for me to include. Then drop it off at Fed Ex on my way out because the person who collects our mailings already came.

7:00PM: While I wait -- I'll probably get McDonalds again -- just because it's fast and easy and requires no thinking or effort on my part. There's no "Supernatural" tonight but there is "Making the Band"... ;)

7:12PM: Taps foot semi-impatiently at the slowness of the project...Waiting on the video DVD.

7:20PM: And she's still waiting.

7:21PM: I sweetly remind him to make my video DVD. His reaction doesn't make me think it can be accomplished quickly. ::Sigh:: I'm so hungry...

7:28PM: And both of my sup's are gone, and I'm still here. Still waiting. Still hungry. God, I'm not gonna get home til like...8:30. Ugh.

7:34PM: Gah. So hungry. Going. To. Pass. Out. Someone. Help.

7:40PM: I sweetly ask again. He says another good 15 minutes.

7:49PM: Trying to pass the time talking to my friend from back home on IM. Everyone has left but me, the designer and his intern. :(

7:52PM: He says 5 minutes.

7:57PM: Testing it.

8:02PM: All set, leaving now. :)

8:15PM: Left Fex Ex. Having issues with the my Subway card. Grrr.

8:55PM: Finally home. Running to McDonalds.

8:59PM: What kind of McDonalds has no milkshakes or salad? GRRRRRRRRRRR. Today is not my day.

9:01PM: Just in time for "Making the Band 4."

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