Friday, February 27, 2009

Life of An Intern (Part 5/5)

FRIDAY, February 27, 2009
Weekend's almost here!

8:00AM: Allowing myself to sleep in a little bit. Wake up.

8:45AM: Eat some oatmeal, get ready.

9:15AM: Get on the Subway. Card STILL doesn't work. I ask the attendant for help, and she waves me through.

9:30AM: Train finally comes. Today is not my day. Try to play my MP3. Battery's dead. Fantastic.

9:50AM: Arrive in Union Square and head to work.

9:58AM: Look around the office to begin weekly office cleanup. Break down some boxes, recycle stray papers, pick up left garbage and throw it out.

10:11AM: Head to the main conference room. Push in all of the chairs, re-organize what's left on the table, and clean off the table so its shiny.

10:21AM: Adding the most recent radio numbers to the sales report, to be handed in and used on Monday!

10:29AM: Have a second of downtime. Chat with the intern who left me early last night to catch him up on my night/his night. So far, there are three interns in today. I think that might be it for us today.

10:32AM: Write my weekly email to my school keeping them up to date in what I've done this week and what I'm learning. I usually do them Thursday nights, but I was too tired last night.

10:41AM: Adding some songs by label artists to my iTunes library.

10:55AM: Checking today's "news clips".

11:04AM: MySpace plays...

11:09AM: New task: sort artist expense invoices by vendor, put then into folders.

12:34PM: Finished sorting through the invoices, putting them in alphabetical order by first name, creating new folders for companies that didn't have a folder, and sorting out the indistinguishable invoices, for the Head of Finance. Off to add last week's radio numbers to the sales report for a comparison...

12:36PM: Another intern comes in, bringing out total up to 4.

12:40PM: Beginning filling in the weekly social networking tabulation chart, first for our biggest, mega multiplatinum artist...iLike...MySpace...

12:47PM: Adding all pending friend requests for said artist on IMEEM before tabulating the number. There are 19.

12:51PM: Moving on to Bebo...

12:52PM: Moving to YouTube. Adding pending requests. There are 44.

12:55PM: PureVolume...Buzznet...Eventful...Hi5...ReverbNation...

12:59PM: Totaling: just shy of 2 million. :) Moving on to our second biggest (but still platinum) artist...

1:03PM: Brief change of plans. Need to add dates for our least known artist to his street team page.

1:17PM: Done. Checking my e-mail. New Task from the Head of Radio Promotion asking me to ship out ten copies of our release day artist for her.

1:28PM: Done and ready to be shipped. Back to the Social Networking chart, and our 2nd biggest artist...1st: MySpace.

1:32PM: iLike...Eventful...Eway...

1:41PM: SayNow is giving me trouble logging in...Skipping for now, moving
on to PureVolume...adding friends (8 requested) and tabulating...

1:46PM: YouTube...28 Pending Friend Req's...Bebo...Facebook Group/FanPage...

1:50PM: Imeem...13 friend req's.

1:52PM: Street Team...Buzznet...ReverbNation...Last.FM group...

1:55PM: Done (except for SayNow). Total is about 1.1 mill.

2:01PM: New Task: pull background history for Jack's Mannequin for the GM. Why? Who knows...

2:19PM: Waiting on further info from Head of Radio about above task, and pulling radio numbers for me. She's too swamped, but tells me how to pull them myself. :)

2:34PM: Stopping here to go grab lunch.

3:36PM: Half done with lunch, and Finished to a degree with the new task for JM. Returning to the social networking grid for our biggest artist right now, 3rd overall in sales. MySpace...Last.FM...Official Site...iLike...Eway...

3:41PM: Same issue with SayNow. Moving on to PureVolume. Adding 33 friends...

3:45PM: PV is taking forever...trying to do Facebook while I wait...and Eventful...

3:48PM: Of the friend requests on PureVolume: Chris Brown and a local band
from where I'm from who I've seen live...small world.

3:50PM: Still waiting on PV. Moving on to one of the band's two YouTubes. 21 requests...5 on their other account.

3:56PM: New task: update a calender for street team reps for the same band whose itnerary I updated yesterday. These social networking counts will never get done. ;)

4:09PM: Back to Social Net Grid...Off to the band's fan MySpace(s)...Bebo...Buzznet...

4:15PM: Imeem. 19 new friends to add.

4:19PM: Done with this artist (sans SayNow). Despite gaining over 3,000 friends on MySpace this week alone, they are down in social networking counts at about 787K. Next up: our release day artist. MySpace...Last.FM...iLike...His official site...Eventful...

4:25PM: Adding 11 people to his YouTube...Bebo...Buzznet...PureVolume...Imeem (20 req's)...

4:32PM: Done. Not too shabby. He's almost at 100K and is up 3K in friends on MySpace this week.

4:33PM: Moving on to our least known artist. Eway...MySpace...iLike...His Official Site...Bebo...Imeem...

4:37PM: Done. He comes up around 62K. Moving on to the last artist: one currently in development.

4:38PM: MySpace...Facebook...iLike...Last.FM...PureVolume...

4:42PM: Just over 4K. Not too shabby for an artist who is still recording, right? Woo! Finally done with the grid! Now I just have to clean it up and import it into the sales report. That only took most of the day! Haha...

4:56PM: Updating Sales Report with new social networking numbers.

5:11PM: All updated until I do the Daily MySpace plays for the week, then pretty much finished with that opus for the week. Uploading the Social Networking grid to the FTP.

5:16PM: Trying to clean up other info for the Jack's Mannequin project.

5:52PM: Spending interim time before doing MySpace plays checking the info email. What do we have today?

-2 spam newsletter messages
-1 random invite to a CD release of some unheard of indie band
-1 legit interview request for our rap/rock group
-1 unintelligible request for free CDs from Germany. Yeah, okay...
-1 request for a record deal "with success by March 2009" with no contact info. Wow.
-1 press inquiry for our release day artist from a music mag in Sweden
-2 incorrectly submitted demos (1 by a rapper, 1 by a pop/rock female)

6:02PM: MySpace plays...The intern that came in latest today left, without helping at all on the JM project.

6:05PM: Uploading to FTP...Adding the numbers to the sales report...

6:25PM: Back to the info email.

-1 booking request for our rap/rock group
-7 spam messages (1 in Spanish)
-1 request for press photos for our release day artist
-1 super incorrect demo submission (sent through YouSendIt)
-1 request that I'm sure what to do with asking for book recommendations from our two biggest artists...
-1 random fan message to our 2nd biggest artist
-1 booking opportunity for a charity concert for autism
-1 question about internships

6:40PM: New Task: create an event for an upcoming instore for our rock/rap
group and connect it to the group's official group on Facebook.

7:01PM: Waiting on help so I can invite all of the 11+K members...

7:16PM: Still unsure. Hungry. I can't believe I want to hit McDonalds again but they were such a letdown last night...Wow, I'm awful. I promise to eat better over the weekend.

7:26PM: Grrr this is so pointlessssss!

7:32PM: I hate when I get blank stares from people who should know what they're doing.

7:40PM: My sup offers to take it from here and shoos me out.

8:05PM: Arrive at home. Hit McDonalds. They actually have what I wanted! :)

8:25PM: Home for the night!

Hope you enjoyed this! :)

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John said...

Wow...awesome series. I know it probably doesn't seem all that glamorous to you being in the mix of it, but it seems very cool from where I'm sitting. I'm sure you're a rock star up in that piece compared to all the other interns.

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