Friday, February 27, 2009

Life Of An Intern (Part 3/5)

WEDNESDAY, February 25, 2009
Album Release Concert/My Day Off

Wednesdays are my only days off during the week, but they also tend to be the day something exciting is happening after work.

Such is the case today, as tonight, at a trendy club in SoHo, our release day artist will be headlining a live show in support of his album release.

10:00AM: Woke up.

11:00AM: Eating oatmeal while watching "The View".

12:00PM: Get ready to run errands. Call to make a routine appointment with the doctor.

1:00PM: Get on the Subway to 86th Street Station.

1:15PM: Head to Best Buy to buy a computer bag for my laptop and an alternate lithium battery for my camera, so I can use it tonight.

2:00PM: Head to 71st Street to go to my new fave pizza place.

3:00PM: Back around my home, head in to my fave nail salon. Get my nails fixed up and painted candy pink to match my outfit for tonight.

4:00PM: Back at my residence. Checking e-mail, trying to glean from my fellow interns when I should head over.

4:45PM: Figure it's a good idea to find the address of this club.

6:45PM: Showered. Getting readddyyy.

7:12PM: Trying to figure out the best route, and how to meet up with my fellow intern/sup/friends at the venue.

7:27PM: Leaving for the venue.

8:20PM: Finally arrive at the venue after walking the wrong way for a few streets. I so don't get SoHo. Any streets without #s screw with my head.

8:40PM: I'm inside, much to the jealous of the milling crowd attempting to get in. This really is the hot ticket. I get asked if I have extra tickets. I also get asked if I'm with the band. I don't really know how to answer.

8:45PM: Catch the tailend of a rap/R&b duo, kind of like a Outkast of some sort. All I hear is a cover of "Beggin'". I prefer The Satz version, but this isn't too bad.

9:15PM: A rap guy who looks like Snoop Dogg with his hype man take the stage. Apparently he's currently touring with the Game. I find him incredibly annoying and uninventive, especially with his stupid "I say __, you say __" after every song. Seriously, dude. No one cares.

9:45PM: A new solo R&B artist reportedly signed to Universal Motown hits the
stage in her "debut" performance. She isn't awful, but she's not stellar. Her main single was purportedly written by Ne-Yo.

10:30PM: FINALLY our boy takes the stage. He was pretty good considering his band only got together two weeks ago, and really captured the crowd. A few songs fell flat, and one he just quit after the first chorus. Strange. A few he just did verses acapella. I was hoping he'd do his cover of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida". He doesn't. Frowny face.

11:15PM: Our team gathers together for a makeshift afterparty. Almost the entire club peters out before the "headliner" is set to perform. Sad for him. Kinda. The General Manager of our label asks the interns what we thought of our artist's show because, "he's more your crowd. My crowd is the type that listens to like...Michael Buble." Haha.

11:30PM: Our whole label shows up at a bar a few paces down the street.

12:30AM: The interns are gathered around our General Manager as he tells us stories about which artists are the biggest jerks, and who are very nice and easy to work with in person. He tells us a very funny story about a very well known singer/songwriter. Predictibly -- he's not very nice to his entourage.

2:00AM: The bar closes, yet we're all still here. They pay extra so we can still hang out.

3:15AM: People start petering out. The higher-ups are getting a hotel to continue the party. We're offered to come with, but I'm far too exhausted, and feel like I've had enough alcohol tonight, and still have to work tomorrow. The Head of Operations buys me a cab home, and tells me to take my time coming in, and not feel like I have to rush to get here, so long as I'm in before 1PM or so.

4:00AM: I finally arrive home, and crash in my bed.

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