Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life Of An Intern (Part 2/5)

TUESDAY, February 24, 2009
Release Day/Supervisor Visit Day

7:00AM: Wake up. Hit snooze.

7:30AM: Actually wake up and get in to the shower.

8:12AM: Eating microwavable oatmeal while putting on eyeshadow. I'm talented like that.

9:03AM: Hit the Lex Express Trains.

9:18AM: Arrive in Union Square. Hit Starbucks. Only got a tall today, trying to cut back. It's just that Java Chip Frapps are so New York! Right? Or is that L.A.? Oh no -- am I the new Britney?

9:46AM: 3rd person to arrive in the office after the Financial Head and the other intern from my school. Printing out my homework documents. Already have a task order and it's not even 10AM yet. "In the hole" today, meaning I'm at the front desk and have to let everybody in, cut off from civilization (and the other interns).

9:55AM: Going to positively review our artist's album at Amazon and iTunes that is OUT TODAY! Whoo!

9:56PM: We are single of the week! :)

10:18AM: Waiting on my school supervisor...Checking the info account while I wait...

10:29AM: She's here...

10:50AM: While my advisor speaks to my Sup, I'm asked to put in the new CD released today and check it's vault content. It doesn't work. So...that's not good.

11:05AM: They are still in that meeting. Going to do my MySpace morning tally.

11:11AM: Done with that. It is freezing in this office. More so than usual.

11:15AM: Back to the info account. Among the shuffle:

-1 random inquiry about a release not in our catalogue
-1 random inquiry about playing our artists on Indian radio
-1 ambiguous press inquiry
-1 incorrectly submitted demo from a teenage brother/sister band (but they aren't half bad)

11:23AM: Still in that it supposed to go this long? Paranoia kicks in...

11:25AM: Accepting friend requests at YouTube...Since last night...

-3 for the artist who's album comes out today
-12 for our multiplatinum biggest artist

11:28AM: Interuppted to accept mail, and get hit on by a creepy delivery guy...Deliver fiance invoice to one of our heads...

11:30AM: Back to YouTube...

-11 for our second biggest artist in terms of sales...

11:31AM: Meeting broke up.

11:52AM: Finished speaking with my school advisor. She seems pleased and told me my confidence level has definitely raised since I saw her last December. I think I agree.

11:53AM: Checking the vault for the CD that released again...the test link works, but the live link doesn't. The videos take FOREVER to stream in.

11:58AM: Back to YouTube...

-1 for our biggest online artist
-5 for their other account

12:00PM: Over to MySpace to accept friends...

12:05PM: Wow, their server is slowwww. Slower than molasses in January.

12:09PM: Ooh, our release day artist is plastered on MySpace (in addition to MTV and iTunes because we're THAT cool). Coolie.

12:15PM: Posted on Last.FM in support of our release day artist.

12:18PM: Asked to create a FexEx mailing for one of my sup's.

12:24PM: Waiting on an address to ship the package (release day artist's album) to. Checking my Google Alerts.

12:32PM: Delivered a package to the same head as before. Our release day artist is featured in the NY Times. Off to include that blog post on our label MySpace page...

12:37PM: While I'm there, I'll add all pending friend reqs. First one? Soulja Boy. No joke.

12:42PM: Downtime? Listening to Robin Thicke...

12:47PM: Reading more gossip on the immient demise of "Grey's Anatomy". It's about time. I hope it does end. I'm tired of it's ridiculous plotlines, and it hogging all of "Supernatural"s glory -- including their stealing of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and turning him into a jerk. In fact, screw all of ABC. They're only good show is my beloved "Brothers & Sisters", and I feel like they are trying to kill that as well. And what? A new "Melrose Place" is a go on the CW and yet my beloved SPN has not yet been renewed for its fifth season? Are you on crack? I need to listen to some vintage Whitney to calm me down...

12:55PM: Still no address to ship to...I'm getting hungry.

12:59PM: Listening to Ne-Yo, trying to come up with a place to go to get lunch...Au Bon Pain? Whole Foods?...hmmm...I think my fake leather boot from Candies is semi-melting due to this crazy heater under my desk.

1:05PM: Reading Billboard Mag...I hear word that the Graphic Designer was in here till 1 in the morning last night. Yikes.

1:07PM: Biggest news is Brit's dad is testifying against Sam Lufti to gain a restraining order, alleging Lufti drugged Britney...isn't this old news? It goes on to state that Britney's cell phone is monitored by her father and she can only use it when he lets her, and alleged she'd called the offender and former ex Adnan Ghalib via a cell phone given to her at a hotel by someone who said
it was from Lufti and Ghalib. Shifty. How sad is Brit's life? I can't bare it.

1:11PM: Over to Hits Daily Double. Keri Hilson has an UGLY ass promo ad on the front page. Seriously. I could do a better job and I don't even have Photoshop on my computer anymore.

1:13PM: 38% of recipts in and counted, and it seems like Taylor Swift will AGAIN command the album chart.

1:14PM: Ahhh Karl Wolf. I forgot how pop-goodness his unexpected Toto cover was.

1:16PM: Task. Review Song of the Week and make screenshots of reviews already posted.

1:30PM: Done with that. Address came through. Yay!

1:35PM: Sent and shipped. Whoo! Hmmm...back to the lunch decision...

1:39PM: A new band called Tinted Windows which features Hanson's Taylor Hanson, Fountain of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger, Smashing Pumpkin's James Iha and Cheap Trick's Bun E. Carlos has signed a deal with S-Curve. ... Huh? That's news to me...I didn't think this band even existed...

1:44PM: I think I've settled on Jamba because it's close. And it's cold outside. Decision Made. Leaving now...

1:57PM: Back with omnipresent Jamba at my side. God, strawberry tastes good with banana.

2:00PM: I thought today would be complete mania. Maybe that's going to be tomorrow -- when our artist is here to do his album release party performance in NYC, which I am invited to, even though tomorrow is my day off.

2:09PM: Oh, NLT. Will your album EVER be released? Who do I have to curse out to have that happen? ... Geffen. I sort of work with them. Damn it.

2:15PM: Dude, what is with creepy delivery men? Second one today...seriously.

2:23PM: Taking some time to ready today's BDS (Radio) Report listings while listening to some vintage Christina Milian...

2:24PM: And of course, that's when I get IMed with a new task.

2:27PM: Need to come up with a list of websites to promote an upcoming contest for one of our artists.

2:36PM: Still working, but the Head of Radio Promo complimented me on my purple sequence wallet that was left out on my desk and I felt that required mentioning.

2:59PM: Finished my general sweep list...Maybe I'll play some V Factory. I'm missing my boy bands today...

3:19PM: That "Love Struck" claws at my brain with its catchiness. Especially that "Girl I really wanna get that, get that relation, no doubt about it" or whatever it is. Genius, that Darin is.

3:31PM: Let's do another YouTube Sweep...while I jump on to a Flo Rida kick (sans "Low"). That Dead or Alive sample ALWAYS sounds good. And that Kesha really does sound like Katy Perry. Poor girl.

3:34PM: Not too much to report. Heading to IMEEM. Since I last did this yesterday we have ___ requests...

-19 for our 2nd biggest artist.
-16 for our rock/rap artist
-4 for our artist who's album drops today
-0 for our artist that probably would be dropped by now if he was on any other label
-184 (since YESTERDAY AFTERNOON) for our biggest (very very very) multiplatinum artist. (And not to mention, over 28,000 unread new
messages from fans.)

3:55PM: Downtime again. Listening to Black Eyed Peas new single. How I yearn for the pop glory days pre 1998-2005. The new cut is growing on me, but it's totaly different than what I expected (and wanted) it to be. But it's definitely 2009. But damn -- does EVERYONE have to do Auto-Tune distortion? Is that what '09 pop is? Geez T-Pain! I blame you!

4:09PM: Delivery for our Marketing head. And good news in my personal inbox from an artist that I interviewed for Melismatic... :) But you won't get spoilers from me...

4:25PM: Stretch. Kind of bored, unfortunately. Back to that info email account.

4:36PM: Reading today's news clips...

4:39PM: New Task: (doesn't that always happen!) create two FedEx packages.

5:02PM: Done packaging up posters of our release day artist for our distribution company. A ton of packages are left on my desk to be picked up by messengers. And I keep freakin' hearing the opening riff to our release day artist's first single in my head and it won't STOPPPPP. For the love of GODDDDDDDDD.

5:08PM: I hear word that our artist won't come on stage tomorrow night till 11PM. Uuggggghhh long night for a grandma like me.

5:10PM: Is it weird that I'm letting in the cleaning lady while I listen to Beyonce's "Diva"?

5:16PM: I'm offered to go "street-teaming" at a record store at 6pm....but it's in Brooklyn...

5:20PM: Guess the above is cancelled.

5:24PM: Need to go make more packages.

5:39PM: Ship out, ship out...this is a stick up, stick up...I'ma I'ma Diva...

5:47PM: Gah, make more packages...

6:11PM: Done. I hope. Recieved a CD sampler of a fairly well known band (they were on iTunes) that our label is hoping to sign. They have a showcase with them soon. Don't know if I get to go or not. I have one of their songs from iTunes, so this is fairly exciting! :)

6:13PM: Perfect timing. The guy from FedEx is here. I'm glad I hurried.

6:14PM: When will this craving for fast food stop? I'm bloated enough as it is. Now I think I want McDonalds. Grrrrrr. I'll get a salad. And french fries...and a milkshake...ughhh I'm so bad! Maybe if it was a million dollars per fry, I wouldn't get them...

6:18PM: Quick check of the info email again...

6:20PM: Gah! MySpace plays! I almost forgot...

6:30PM: Our release day artist has an interview at iHipHop that I'm asked to watch...

6:36PM: Interesting interview. He mentioned us positively, so that's good. :)

6:40PM: Received an email from a member of the group I interviewed that I spoke of before. :) I feel so VIP!

6:53PM: Will be leaving at 7pm...straight on the express train, back in the dorm, drop off stuff, get to McDonalds and back before Idol starts! :)

6:54PM: No Idol tonight. :( They are showing "Bones" instead because Obama's first televised press conference will be on at 9. Well...that gives me time to watch a 'Brothers & Sisters' rerun...ahhh the possibilities...

6:55PM: Last song of the night: Paramore "That's What You Get." <3

7:05PM: Walk to the Subway with one of my supervisors. She gives me the rundown of how the concert will work tomorrow, stating she has to wait outside the club til our artist comes on at 11PM to hand out tickets to all of the VIPs. Sounds like fun, don't it?

7:45PM: Walk out near my residence and hit up McDonalds.

7:56PM: Back in my residence, plunk down to watch a rerun of last night's "Daily Show"/"Colbert Report" before Obama's speech.


Poster Girl said...

These posts have been absolutely fascinating. I had no idea what being an intern for a company like this would entail.

"Love Struck" is infernally catchy at times, especially that part you singled out.

Nikki said...

I LOVE bones! haha.

NLT. Yessss, their album should be out now.. GAR.

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