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Life Of An Intern (Part 1/5)

I've gotten a few inquiries about the life of an intern at a major record label in New York City. And as inquiring minds want to know, and your girl can provide real life insight, I'm here to share with you the exciting life of an industry intern. You can probably guess who the artists I speak about are if you read the blog super regularly or speak to me off of the blog, but please, let's try to keep names confidential. So here it is, in Twitter style accuracy, what life is like during a release week of a major record...Mel's Life Of An Intern (Part 1!):

MONDAY, February 23, 2009
Day Before Release of our 4th Biggest Artist, although granted -- it is his debut record on our label. But his first album released independently won him a Canadian Grammy...

7:00AM - Wake up

8:35AM - Leave the house with overstuffed computer briefcase and head to Dunkin' Donuts for "breakfast" three blocks away.

8:58AM - Get on the Lexington Subway Line. Take it down to Union Square.

9:20AM - Get off at Union Square, head in to Starbucks.

9:25AM - Sit down with coffee and donuts and eat.

9:38AM - Head to work.

9:45AM - Arrive at work.

10:05AM - 8 out of the about 20 people who are usually here, actually are. Scanning list of Hot Digital Tracks off Billboard and highlighting ones that are ours. There's only one. :( They are #58 on the album chart, tho. So that's cool.

10:10AM - Attempting to log on to the company FTP. Hopefully it works better than last Friday...

10:14AM - It works! Yay! Uploading spreadsheets for tracking MySpace plays and social networking site hits/friend counts for our artist roster. The former needs to be updated at both 11 and 6 every day...Begin working on weekly sales report for all artists for Head of Artist Development, a coup as I'm the only intern asked.

11:02AM - Taking a break from the sales report to do the daily MySpace plays at 11AM.

11:07AM - Back to the sales report.

11:38AM - Still working on that sales report. Most of the Heads are in a meeting about publicity opportunities for our release day artist.

11:45AM - Two more artists to go on the sales report.

11:48AM - Working on sales numbers for artist's whose release is tomorrow (numbers for his debut) -- sales are through the roof of the old material. Up over 600% for some tracks!

12:11PM - Finished the basic numbers for the 1st draft of the sales report. Off to look for radio #s to add...

12:33PM - Still sufficient data to add, but unsure of what to do (first time compiling this list!)...waiting on my sup to get out of his meeting.

12:37PM - While waiting, I log in to our 'info' account, where people can email us with a variety of issues, including demos submission to publicity opportunities. Hoping to shave off the top the 15 messages we've recieved since Friday at 7PM. They include:

-4 seemingly legit publicity inquiries
-2 spam message
-1 ambiguous press inquiry
-1 fan autograph request
-1 press release/mixtape track from a rap group remaking a Jamie Foxx song
-1 four line email from a 15 year old seeking a record deal for a girl group she is making with her twin sister and her friend a la Destiny's Child (or so she says)
-1 inquiry about an internship (performed incorrectly)
-1 incorrectly submitted demo submission from a Norwegian rock band's manager. Quick Listen: They are awful.
-1 licensing request from an artist that we do not represent.
-1 weird request wanting one of our artists to perform at a random wedding in England
-1 completely undiscernable and ambiguous request for something to someone from Germany

12:56PM - The meeting broke up about 10 minutes ago. Still no word from sup. Encouraged to watch a Youtube video of one our artists performing on Carson Daly the other night. They did pretty good.

12:58PM - Figured out the BDS (radio airplay) chart! WOOO!

1:10PM - Almost freaked out when I couldn't find radio #'s for last week, only realize we had last Monday off for President's Day so there was no reporting. Sigh. Mini crisis averted, I think.

1:15PM - Answered a Mainline phone call from a rather persistent aspiring producer. ::stifles giggle::

1:20PM - Asked to check the grammar of a blog post written by one of our artists, to be posted later today for his album release. Oh, the life of an intern!

1:32PM - Check Google Alerts for any new developments regarding our artists/label.

1:36PM - Nothing good to report. Just read a review of the artist's album due out tomorrow by Time Out NY. It wasn't negative, but it wasn't too positive either. Meh. He is positively mentioned in the Toronto Sun, however.

1:38PM - Checking my profile for our rock/rap group. I'm a featured blogger there. ;)

1:40PM - Sigh. Sup's back in a meeting.

1:41PM - Headphones going on now. Listening to some Lady Gaga while I accept a ton of friend requests for our MySpace, iLike, imeem, and YouTube platforms.

1:53PM - Half the office files out to go get lunch. I'm still here.

1:55PM - Spoke to soon. I'm asked to go deliver tickets to our artist's NY release show to his publicist by hand. His road manager seems to call every two minutes.

1:57PM - HopStopping best subway route to 25th St...and then leaving.

2:57PM - Back at Union Square after a trip on the R/W Train, and a quick run up to the 7th floor of a building on W 25th and 6th Ave. Running to get lunch at Whole Foods with a fellow intern.

3:15PM - Back in the office. Have to cover the phones while we eat -- everyone but the interns are in a label meeting. Last one lasted till 6:30PM.

3:45PM - Still in a meeting. Almost done with lunch. Getting back to those friend req's and Ms. Gaga.

3:47PM - Gawk. 800+ people to add for our biggest artist!

3:56PM: Nothing else I can say, cherry boom boom...Ga...Ga...

4:14PM: Just passed the halfway mark for the same artist in Imeem requests. Let's switch the background noise to Robyn...

4:36PM: It's like these requests never end.

4:38PM: Change of plans: I'm asked to do some research on the AFN TV network.

4:43PM: Meetings over...sort of?

4:51PM: Meetings def over now. Back to IMEEM.

4:55PM: Done. With that artist. Just four more artists to go.

5:00PM: DONE! :) Now what? Let's go add friends to our PureVolume pages...

5:03PM: Twiddles thumbs...okay...

5:04PM: Checking the trades...I could really go for some Pizza Hut breadsticks right now. Or a knish. Which are so similar, I know.

5:13PM: Back to working on that sales prep report. We've come full circle.

5:23PM: Our cleaning lady is here to do her daily clean up. She's so nice.

5:26PM: Sup's back in a meeting and can't really help again.

5:33PM: Finally meeting with the sup about the sales report.

5:44PM: Time to fix the miscommunication spots...only a few.

6:04PM: Tally MySpace plays since 11AM for the day.

6:15PM: Uploading spreadsheets to FTP.

6:30PM: The Empire State Building which is viewable from my window here at work is lit up blue and green (it usually has white lights), apparently for Corporate Philanthropy Day.

6:38PM: Hmmm...Pizza Hut sounds good right about now...hitting that before getting back on the Subway. Probably won't get home till around 8pm unfortunately...Have to finish my daily reports/time card at home as it's due tomorrow when my school sup comes to visit on the craziest day of my time here so far: RELEASE DAY!

6:48PM: Crickets. A few people have left for the night, including three of the four main execs. It's sad when you are so looking forward to Pizza Hut you can taste it, you're THAT hungry. Wow. Checking out.

7:15PM: Getting back on the Subway after buying Pizza Hut and feeling bad about it.

7:52PM: Back in my dorm. Eating my crappy $3 pizza.

8:30PM: Begin work on my "homework" of daily log for my internship. The first half must be handed in tomorrow.

10:00PM: Break to watch "The City". It is my life after all.

10:30PM: Back to the grindstone.

10:58PM: Done in time to watch "Chelsea Lately".

11:32PM: Some pleasure reading, then bed, so I can get up and do it all over again.

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Such a great entry. I am truly jealous, as I went to school for Communications, with the intention of getting into the business. Instead, I ended up managing record stores. Thanks for sharing this!

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