Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've Got A New Crush


I can now blame Pop-Nation for fueling my new obsession with Kings of Leon. But I mean that in a very fabulous, grateful way.

I tossed off the hype earlier this year, but then I heard "Sex On Fire" and fell in love with not just the band, but the lead singer's voice. I can't explain it to you. It's not pop in terms of pop sugar, but it's not really rock either, or grunge, or blues, but somewhere in between all four. It drips with emotion and raw passion. It does things to my stomach that I can't explain properly.

And I try very hard not to be a superficial person in terms of liking musicians for their physical appearance. But there's just something about a boy with a guitar, with a voice and some piercing good looks too.

Caleb Followill (above), Kings of Leon's lead singer and rhythm guitarist, is that new man in my life.

Check (read: gawk at) him and tell me what you think. And I must say, honestly, I fell in love with him based on his voice alone. Combine that love his good looks and I'm in serious trouble. His voice alone makes my ovaries quake not unlike my other wannabe husband, Gavin DeGraw.


bee said...

I'm fueling your new obsession? XD

Anyway, I think you should put images too for each post to make it looks more interesting...


Mel said...

Yeah, I think I might just do that. I like how it looks as well. :)

Ken said...

I'm so in love with Kings of Leon. Nice post! :)

BTW, i'll put your link on my blog roll okies? :D


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