Saturday, January 10, 2009

Candy Coated Chaos: It's Called Utopia

I have lots of exciting updates regarding Candy Coated Chaos! :0

As some of you may know, several of the girls songs were featured rather heavily on MTV's "reality" program "The Hills", and are now a staple of the spinoff, "The City". "Ever After", or at least it's instrumental, is becoming an unofficial theme song for the show, and "Static" was also featured.

However, none of this was acknowledged formally until very very recently, when the girls were finally added to MTV's "soundtrack" pages. You can view it here.

But oh -- MTV comes bearing gifts! Their soundtrack page allows you to listen to lots of new(er) CCC tracks, including "Ever After", "Utopia", "Static", "Like That" and "Victim" in their ENTIRITY, all of which never been premiered before on their MySpace (which also recently got a fresh facelift). The also posted a blog entry dated for today, January 10th, stating they are recording four more original new songs, written by Rochella and Brittany of the group, to complete their album! You know what this means: touring! WHOO!

I have a very tender spot in my heart for these girls, having worked with them since early 2006 when "Take Me Home Tonight", their first single, was just recorded. I knew them back when they were Bliss, and to see how far they've come in just a few short years is nothing short of amazing. I'm so excited for their bright future, and as a head of their Street Team and of (the under construction currently), it really couldn't have happened to a better group of girls.

And wait -- their's more. The page features lots of brand new photos, and states the girls will be performing/featured at the Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach, FL in April.

Also -- check out these videos the girls posted. The first is of the recording of "Utopia", which I adore more and more the more I hear it, and its starting to get on level playing field as "Treat".

And this one features the girls traveling into the heart of NYC to meet choreographer Jermaine Browne.

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