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Using Last.FM (my best friend) again as my trusty guide, we'll take a look through artists that the site thinks I would like. And since they think I would like it, you might just like it, too. Thus, my brand new segment, "If Last.FM Says Yes...". Let me know what you think.

#1. S CLUB 8
Country: UK
Currently: Disbanded
Years: 2001-2005
Facts: Known as S Club Juniors previously, as a spin off of the popular pop group S Club 7. Features Frankie Sandford and Rochelle Wiseman, now both of The Saturdays. Two albums were released in the UK ("Together" in 2002 and "Sundown" in 2003). Six of their seven major singles all peaked in the top 10 in the UK (the seventh peaked at #11).

Why Was I Recommended?
They are (apparently) similar to:
-The Saturdays
-Alesha Dixon
-Rachel Stevens
-S Club 7

First off -- I was not aware I listened to that much S Club 7 to warrant this recommendation (even though, it's probably more because I listen to a lotttt of The Saturdays), and I'm a little ashamed of it. However, the Rachel Stevens bit, I'm not so much, because "Sweet Dreams My L.A.X." is a banging track. I don't really get the Alesha bit, but whatever floats your boat. But back to S Club 8. Any "band" that features two future members of The Saturdays, and is tagged as "awesome" on Last.FM has to be good, right?

I was offered "Sundown", their second to the last single that was released in 2003 and went to #4 on the UK charts. The singer sounds very very young, but it doesn't sound that different than the S Club teen pop that killed the charts in the late 90's. The song is by and large the most popular song by the band on Last.FM. It's good in a guilty pleasure kind of way, but I see why this never flew in the US (S Club 7 was only known here for their joke of their TV show and that song "Never Had A Dream Come True"...which was quite good, actually).

I also managed a listen to "One Step Closer", listed as S Club Juniors, their first single, which glitters in pop precociousness. This is just feel good pop, no other way to describe it, and if you're in that kind of mood, this is for you. However, you may feel a bit strange listening it to it if you are like me and in your early 20s. Just a warning. This song was from their first album, and I think I'm more interested in the material from the second...After more research, I realized the song was covered by the American Juniors group (I guess they were our answer to S Club), which, if I'm not mistaken, included a young Jordan McCoy (Dream call back -- hurrah for my unexpected solidarity) and the underrated Katelyn Tarver, and was released as a single. Funny old world, huh?

After a few listens, I'm growing partial to "Sundown". I think the build up to the chorus reminds me of Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head". I also like "Fool No More", also released in 2003, and also went to #4, and sounds a bit more relevant to today's music than "Sundown". It also proves quite popular with the Last.FM S Club 8 fans (of which there is a fair few).

I think "Don't Tell Me You're Sorry" is that bad either, even though it was the group's last single (and it's worst charter), but it's much more almost urban than the rest of their stuff. The lyrics are a little strange as it goes "Too little, too late, girl", when it's a guy/girl group.

"The Day You Came" wasn't a single, but it should have been as it would have been a fun one for the clubs (or rather the discos, as ya'll say), as it really, REALLY sounds like ABBA's "Money Money Money" with its structure and background sounds. "Rush" is quite good as well.

I'm pleasantly surprised. They aren't too shabby, but the mere fact that they are S Club related makes me shaky to put them at the top of my playlist. I'm quite partial to "Rush", "The Day You Came" and "Fool No More".

I was most amused by the other artists who are listed as "similar" to S Club 8, as it was a trip down memory lane to my younger pop years, with tracks by Steps, Jump 5 and A*Teens. The latter never intrigued me, and still doesn't, despite my recent addiction to ABBA after the release of "Mamma Mia". Steps didn't have much of an impact in the US, but I did have a CD single of the incredibleness that is "One For Sorrow" and that song deserves it's own moment inthe sun for its pop brilliance.

The weirdest connection was to Bananarama, which I think had more to do with their connection to The Saturdays and not the group itself. But if you are unfamiliar with Bananarama (for shame!), check out "Venus" and "Cruel Summer" (they did it first, not Ace of Base, even though AoB's version is good too).

Liberty X was also mentioned, which I could never really get into, even though "Thinking It Over" wasn't too bad, although I never really gave them a fair shake, I suppose. I know they did the original version of "Just A Little", which was later covered by Swedish girl group Play, and I prefer Play's version.

Finally, Blue was also mentioned, which was a major flashback. As some of you may know, of all of the British boybands, I really loved 5ive, and I suppose Blue was the closest to 5ive in terms of style. I really liked "One Love" and their cover of "Too Close". I think I'm gonna go try and find the latter right now actually...

What do you think? What's your thoughts on S Club 8?


bee said...

LOL! A*Teens, Jump5, Sclub...I missed those days SOOO MUCH... me myself was a biggest fans of A*TEENS..hahaha... Talking about Katelynn Tarver, have you listen to her full CD? I was wondering...


Mel said...

beE -- I have listened to her CD actually, and I think she has a lot of potential. You like her?

Myfizzypop said...

I think S CLub 8 were much better in that incarnation than they were as S Club Juniors. I love the album tracks like Day Before You Came and Sundown. Fool No More is a fine slice of pop!

bee said...

YEP! Of course :D I like her and other artist similar to her... hahaha... her song is purePOP..oh, i love Chasing Echoes... *i think im gonna post it someday* haha


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