Sunday, January 11, 2009

YOU SHOULD KNOW (#3): Red Blooded Women

Red Blooded Women

Red Blooded Women, or RBW, are a more electro, disco UK version of my beloved Candy Coated Chaos, (while Stonefoxx are gunning for #3, and Monrose are the German version). If you haven't heard of them, you are either: 1) not from the UK, 2) not a MySpace/club music/blog fan, and are missing out on a helluva lot.

RBW is amazing in production in every wall possible. Some of you may recall that they had a few songs on my Top 28 Songs of 2008 list. "Keep Up the Attraction" clocked in at #7, and "Colour Me Dirty" made it to #3. Just about every song they put out (like CCC) is either incredible upon first listen or grows on you like a weed. "Dirty" remains to be my personal favorite, and the new remix of the song (dubbed "Colour Me Pjanoo") is just as good, if not better.

The first single, "You Made Your Bed", was one of those grower tracks that at first I didn't like at all, but with time, has become a classic. "Synthesizer" is a funky 80's esque type jam that I think Bananarama would do in 2009. Their lyrics are terribly inventive, but that always works to an advantage in pop music, and the beats are always thriving, pulsating and dancable. Count on RBW to pack the dance floor.

As with the rest of the artists I have listed as "You Should Know" so far, they are incredibly approachable on MySpace. I have written to RBW on a few occasions and always recieve a cheerful response rather quickly. I'm looking forward to an album release (if and when we get it) and possibly, a club tour in America with multiple stops in NYC, please! :) In fact, if they could do that with The Saturdays, my life would be all set.

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