Friday, January 16, 2009

"Dream" as a "Reality" (Part Deux)

Less than a week ago, I commented on the re-emergence of pop group Dream, most famous for their song "He Loves U Not" almost ten years ago (wow, I feel old!) in 2000. The picture to the left is of Dream in it's second incarnation (minus original member and now "Lady Phoenix" member Melissa Schuman, replaced by Kasey Sheridan, 2nd to the right). I now have more news to report.

Despite the fact that new Dream member Jordan McCoy's EP "Just Watch Me" finally saw an anticlimatic release this past Tuesday, Dream is going forward as planned. However, Hunter Pecunia will no longer be apart of the project. On Pecunia's MySpace, she stated that she and the new Dream had recorded 12 songs together, but she had decided it was not the right fit for her. Check out her MySpace if you are interested in the 13 year old singer. She has a few cover songs uploaded, as well as an original song dubbed "He Said She Said".

Also, since I last posted, the rest of the "new" Dream members have surfaced. Danielle Keaton, Lindsay Taylor & Imaj Thomas are their names, joining Jordan McCoy to round out Dream.

Danielle Keaton has no music up on her MySpace (see link with her name) to judge her vocal skills, however her profile has already become "Dream-ified" if you will with various pictures of the other members all over it. It lacks any kind of professional look in my opinion, but maybe that's part of the appeal? That she's a normal girl? From what I gather, she just 22 years old, making her my age. After some digging, I found out her brother, actor Josh Keaton, is the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man on the "Spectacular Spider-Man" cartoon that debuted last year. Danielle's acting resume is vast and random as well, with appearances on shows like "7th Heaven", the original "90210", "American Dreams" and "Diagnosis Murder." She also had a small role in "Horror High", a comedy film released in 2005, which also starred her brother, Sandra McCoy (a dancer who was formerly engaged to my love Jared Padalecki of "Supernatural" fame) and Anneliese Van Der Pol (of "That's So Raven" sort of "fame"). D-List, indeed. However, she did win a Young Artist Award in 2006 for her role in the "American Black Beauty" series.

Similar type MySpace profile is provided for Lindsay Taylor. She's also an actress, and a dancer, but her age is undeterminable (if you know, let me know). She was attached to the "Alyson Stoner Project", revolving around dancer Alyson Stoner of "Camp Rock" fame. She also guest appeared on an early episode of "My Name Is Earl". Again, no music to gauge her vocals.

Finally, there is Imaj Thomas , who finally has a proper MySpace profile of sorts. She is touted as the god daughter of the incredible Betty Wright, a soul singer from the 1970's, whose songs have been sampled by SWV, Mary J. Blige and Beyonce. Her MySpace lists her as 19 years old. However, despite having sevearal songs listed as "available" on her MySpace, none of them play for me. Grrrr.

Imaj is the "mystery girl" from the video of Jordan McCoy singing "Breathe" by Taylor Swift. The two sound good together, of what I could hear -- because Jordan's guitar is a bit loud. So I'm remaining hopeful for this new reincarnation of Dream...

What do you think?

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