Friday, January 16, 2009

"Idol" Drama...Already? [Updated!]

You can always rely on TMZ to snuff out the controversy. After a swift perusal of popular blog, the sleuth website has uncovered a few "Idol" controversies...already!

Emily Wynne-Hughes, the pink haired singer who got the golden ticket to Hollywood while in Phoenix and sang Heart's "Barracuda", reportedly had a run-in with the law resulting in a DUI this last July, forcing her to wear one of those ever-fashionable SCRAM alcohol-dectecting bracelets plus get three years of probation. Shame, if this is true. I really liked her.

EDITED FOR UPDATE: And that's not all! TMZ has also uncovered that Emily worked at the tattoo parlor that Britney Spears went to the night she shaved her head, two years ago and was interviewed by Extra on the subject. I guess it really is a small world in Los Angeles!

Another contestant who was given a golden nod to Hollywod, Casey Carlson (no, not the infamous Bikini Girl, but the brunette who sang "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlson), has some scantily clad photos surfaced, reportedly taken for a calender called Campus Girls USA, in which all proceeds go to research to cure breast cancer. They are rather sexy, but hopefully this is the furthest this coquette has gone.

On a side note, TMZ agrees with me in the fact that Kat McPhee looks a lot like Kara DioGuardi...or maybe it's the other way around?


conanima said...

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Ken said...

Gosh, I have to say Casey Carlson is defo HOT! But I'm not a fan of her voice. Maybe she's better off posing.

Oh, about Emily Hughes, she's amazing and I can't see this year's Idol without her. She definitely has something to offer in that competition.

Mel said...

Ken - I think it's hard to judge them based on one song, because a lot of people I hated in auditions ended up in the Top 12 who I really liked...I agree about Emily though. She definitely stood out as something refreshing.

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