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#NOWKPOPPING: "You Think" Girls' Generation's So Cool, So Coo-ooo-ool

L to R: Tiffany, Seohyun, SooYoung, YuRi, HyoYeon, Taeyeon, YoonA, Sunny
Some girl groups think they're so cool but they're not better than SNSD. Or at least that's what SM's Elite Eight want you to think. And for the most part, they remain triumphant.

Admittedly, I had high hopes for the release of Girls' Generation's "You Think". The sassy dance jam is unarguably GG's most pro-femme go-you-girl stomper since "Bad Girl" (and arguably sounds much more in line with their Japanese catalog than their Korean) more than four years ago (can you believe?!?!). This is perhaps in part thanks to it being a co-write of Sara Forsberg aka Saara, Finnish YouTube sensation and current should-be-everywhere-popstar.

While I'm not a true SONE through and through (is it pronounced like it rhymes with "own" or "pony"?), I've got a weak spot for their glitzy uptempos and "You Think" slots in quite nicely with the best of them. I'm talking "Run Devil Run", "Paparazzi", the aforementioned "Bad Girl", and of course, "Genie". 

This is no shade to their other single at the moment -- title cut "Lion Heart". Clearly SM pulled out all the stops for that particular nugget of pristine bubblegum with gorgeous outfits and adorably weird (if not wonky) storyline to boot. But hey, I don't find Girls' Generation endearing because of their acting skills. Following the exit of Jessica and the convergence of literally every KPOP girl group ever coming out of the woodwork this summer to drop dancey hits (including the Wonder Girls, whom even the least jaded assumed would stay caged forever), South Korea's "national girl group" had something to prove, whether their fandom liked it or not. 

"Lion Heart" will probably soar for its "Gee"-like appeal among their young Korean fanbase/general ahjusshi populace. But rather than falter and cave to the pressures of "different strokes for different folks" when it comes to the Korean demographic versus the international pop community (I'm looking at you, YG, with that last 2NE1 album), SM choose to do something quite brilliant and release "Lion Heart" and "You Think" at the same time, and the latter is clearly aimed to hit hard with their fans abroad.

As much as I enjoyed "I Got a Boy", "You Think" actually delivers on that grown and sexy premise.

Upon first listen, "You Think" isn't as instantaneously earwormy but rides the line between girl group sex appeal and 90's call back (album cut "Check" also does this very well). It also should be said that in a group with eight members, only three are openly heralded across the board for their solid vocals (Taeyeon, Seohyun, and Tiffany) and "You Think" chooses to surprise with a wider solo line distribution, allowing "second-stringers" (so to speak of course) a chance to swing for the gates, which they do admirably well. I'm of course talking about Ms. Sunny's bit at the end of the first verse and especially at the beginning of the second verse and then again in the bridge -- three solos, what? Guess we know how's filling in Jessica's shoes, eh? In fact, the only Soshi who doesn't solo is YoonA (but she of course gets plenty of close-up screen time).

It may take you a few spins, but if this is the future of Girls' Generation, I sure am about that life. In 2015, one year post-Kpocalypse that was 2014, "You Think" is a solid Top 5 of the best girl group jams.

Gif Credit: femalexpresident on Tumblr

  • Can someone explain why they are in a warehouse with skeletons but also the most gorgeous, luxurious closet I've ever seen? I'm not getting the dichotomy.
  • What did the apple do to these girls that it needs to be repeatedly impaled by nails? #FreeTheApple
  • Fabulosity Meter for "You Think": Seohyun > Taeyon > Sunny > HyoYeon > YuRi > Tiffany > SooYoung >>>>>>> YoonA. Sorry, girl.
  • I'm convinced that Tiffany thinks she's the Korean Katy Perry.
  • That being said, can someone get me her Weave Girl's number?
  • Taeyeon is dedicating this jam to all of the netizen haters. Plus her melismas (zing!) and vocal dexterity is seriously unparalleled. She's easily the best in class in SM, and yeah, I just said that. I meant it, too.
  • I know it's bias but it's a real shame they don't give YuRi more close up shots or dance break bits. Girlfriend is a fox. At least they tossed her half a verse and didn't shuffle her off into the rap bit, though, right?...
  • I love SooYoung but why is she rapping again? Stop trying to crowd on Hyoyeon's turf, girl.
  • Hyo's "Go. Away." bit.
  • SUN-NY! Somehow always gets the short end of the stick with rando wigs (she legit has 65 different hairstyles in the span of this comeback) and yet still manages to surprise me by killing all three of her solos. #TeamSoonKyu4Lyfe
  • Obviously the MVP of this video (and this comeback, really) is gorgeous baby Seohyun. Hair tossing! (Sorta) Splits! Being sexy in general! Slaying her solos! When does she get a solo album?

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