Sunday, August 23, 2015

FRESH OUT THE BOX: Why this Past Week's #NewMusicFriday is 2015's Best Yet...

No, it's not  your eyes. I did put Carly Rae Jepsen in that grid three times. The album is that good.

The Pop Music Gods sure were good to us this past week. Read on and bask in the glory that was August 21st, 2015.

Baby popstar-in-training Becky G remains a third stringer in the pop game for some ungodly reason despite dropping stellar single after stellar single since "Shower". Her latest is handclappy and repetitive in the right way and she really sells it.

Previously mentioned collab with the ridiculously talented MNEK. The Jamiroquai vibes are strong with this and I need this to be everywhere, mmkay? While you're at it, pick up Brayon's entire new EP, The Update. It's fab.

(& also all of Emotion because obviously)
If it was up to me, this album would sweep all of the pop category Grammy awards. It's over for 2015. We've found our Pop Messiah album. I can't pick a favorite song but for now, we'll go with this one.

It's that in-the-pocket type sound that will probably get remixed for the clubs and go super viral -- the perfect mixture of acoustic soul and driving pulse. And what a strong beacon of light that chorus is.

It wasn't officially released on Friday but I haven't stopped listening to this Lion Heart album cut since I first heard it. Fun dichotomy between syrupy bubblegum and (almost) rachety dance.

I knew Grace Mitchell solely for her ethereal cover version of Hall & Oats "Maneater" featured on the soundtrack to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. But her current single -- "Jitter" -- literally made the pop blogosphere fall apart when it premiered in the UK this past week. It's now available for mass consumption worldwide. Jump on this bandwagon now.

Music in 2015's contribution to the lexicon (other than apparently "bae" and "whip/nae nae") will undoubtedly be #Tringle. JoJo's return to the pop music scene came this week via three single (hence #tringle). Unfortunately, not all three were the bangers I desperately wanted them to be. Don't get me wrong -- she sounds incredible but we all knew she had a great voice. "When Love Hurts" sounds the most fresh to me and is still a solid fun song. It was produced by Benny Blanco, currently best known for his recent work with Maroon 5 and on Ed Sheeran's "Don't".

Jordin's transition from American Idol pop-tart (literally - the live tours for AI were actually sponsored by PopTarts at one point. I'm not joking.) to soulful, slinky R&B seductress is officially complete with the release of her long awaited album Right Here, Right Now. There's a lot of good ones on this but my fave is the saucy and sensuous "Silhouette". Bonus Little Known Fact: it was co-written by my girl Nikki Flores as well as Lars Halvor Jensen, a Danish pop songwriter who's written for the Sugababes.

I wasn't really ready for a new Nick J single -- I was just getting used to the fact that "Teacher", arguably my favorite from his "debut" solo album, might be getting some airplay attention. "Levels" is much more dance pop with an urban swing than "Chains" or "Jealous" but feels much more effortlessly fluid and believable coming from the ex-Jonas Brother (can he ever be ex, really? Anyway...). Also -- I knew I could't be alone in thinking it sounds like something SHINee'd be able to pull off well if they were releasing music in English. Turns out it was co-written/produced by Ian Kirkpatrick, who has (in addition to penning Jason DeRulo's "Want To Want Me" and "Cheyenne") has written/produced SHINee's "Boys Meet U". Double win (and a high five from Jesus) for yours truly.

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