Monday, August 03, 2015

#NOWKOPPING: SHINee's "Married To The Music"; continues to be 'Odd' & Awesome

L to R (standing): Taemin, Minho, Key, Onew / Horizontal: Jonghyun
Most boy bands (regardless of origin country) are based on two potential concepts: (1) singing well while being exceptionally good looking, or (2) dancing well while being exceptionally good looking.

My boys in SHINee were like, "Eff those two ideas. We'll sing well, dance well, and be weird AF and you're gonna like it."

Well played.

The group announced some bonus songs for the "repackage" of their Odd album, dubbing the project "Married To The Music". The concept is......Halloween House of Horrors. In August. Because sure, why the hell not.

Think Backstreet Boys' "Everybody" with that MJ/Bruno Mars funk feel vibe bandwagon that everyone's jumping on. The song is catchy (do I think it will be as iconic as "Sherlock" or "Lucifer", nah -- but that's not the point), the choreography is punchy, but the visuals are...

So to recap: 
  • The video opens with the words "Marriage Is A Slow Death"
  • All of SHINee drink the weird, glowing Koolaide (so to speak)/food and terrible things happen
  • Key's head gets chopped off (and apparently his insides are bright lemon yellow)
  • Eldest Onew ("accidentally") hits baby Taemin in the head with a bat and his eyes fly out of his skull
  • Drunk (I'm assuming) Onew stumbles into the bathroom to wake himself up and his nose is left in the sink, held up by a disembodied hand and bleeding orange soda blood
  • In what would be the biggest musical tragedy of all, Jonghyun's lips are stolen right off his face and are left in a bowl of sprinkles (after he projectile vomits confetti -- which Onew & Minho dance and play in)
  • Minho's face is essentially burned off when the rest of the members try to blow out the candles on a cake he's carrying
  • The video ends as all of the disembodied SHINee members lay dead(?) around the nefarious "wife"
(Time to get way too deep in this: Key is known for his weird concepts and fashion choices -- and now his head is gone. Taemin is now known as a "visual" member -- and his eyes are gone. Jonghyun is the lead vocalist -- and his lips/mouth is gone. Minho has been gaining more acting roles and is known for his "flaming charisma" -- and his face gets burned off. And Onew...loses his nose? So loses his "sense" as a leader? I'm dying from the jokes here. Get it? Dying?)

I'm not sure who at SM Entertainment is letting these babies go buck wild with their music video concepts but I hope it never stops. It's about time someone from SM is allowed some weird creative freedom, right?

Remember when SHINee was all cute in hip hop clothes singing about how Noona is so pretty? LOL.

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John said...

LOVE! I'm such a sucker for SHINee when they do the straight-up pop like this. The video is truly out there, but at the end of the day the song stands on its own.

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