Sunday, August 16, 2015

HEAR THIS: The Fooo Conspiracy Says "Run With Us"

A few years ago, it seemed like the modern era of boy band was finally upon us (here in the USA). With the exception of One Direction, the onslaught seemed to die out just as quickly as it ignited. However -- when in doubt, Sweden always has proper pop's back.

The Fooo Conspiracy (formerly known as just The Fooo) is made up of four Swedish boys who have released a handful of albums, EPs, and singles to relative acclaim in their home country. They opened for Bieber (in Stockholm) and are currently attempting a foothold Stateside via the "Pop Nation Tour". The tour is significant because 1) it also features the likes of After Romeo (Drew Ryan Scott's group and the only major long-stay US boy band currently) and 2) it was organized by none other than Johnny Wright himself (the manager of *NSYNC among a million others, don't ya know).

Their latest (USA) single is "Run With Us" and if it doesn't rank them as the heir apparent to Wright's previous (Boy)Bandemonium (NLT, V Factory, Menudo, One Call), I'm not sure what else will. It's catchy, sacchrine boy pop at its finest, complete with 2015 recall slang ("Fooo! Turn up!" is modern tweens call and response the way "Yes Yes Yes, Here We Go! *NSYNC has got the flow!" was when I was a tween). The promo features great popstar hair, lots of screaming female fans, plenty of #selfie taking, and adequate enough choreography with a bit of bboying thrown in to keep it interesting.

No, I don't have a favorite yet but give me some time and a few more great singles and I'm sure I will come up with something...

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