Wednesday, November 05, 2014

(STILL) FRESH OUT THE BOX: Jessie Ware, The Ting Tings, Blake Lewis, Gwen Stefani, Jessie J, & more...

Work has taken up all my time and energy but when I get home what do I do? Blare my Spotify. While the rest of the world flails and chirps about Taylor Swift's latest, here's what's been getting the most playlist abuse by yours truly recently.

JESSIE WARE - "Kind of...Sometimes...Maybe"
Top to bottom, Jessie's sophomore album Tough Love is stellar. This is my current reigning favorite album cut.

THE TING TINGS - "Communication"
The group's third album, Super Critical, shouldn't be overlooked. "Communication" is another one of those 90's jams -- and who better to be jammin' it throwback style than the Tings?  Dancey first single "Wrong Club" is also fab.

IGGY AZALEA - "Beg For It" (feat. )
Featuring the fabulous , co-written by Charli XCX. This may be just about the bouncy, dark beat, but whatever. I'm jammin'.

NICK JONAS - "Wilderness"
Dirty & Sexy. I'm seeing him live TONIGHT and I. Can. Not. Wait. What is life?

TONY LUCCA - "Delilah"
Soulful. Homegrown. And Tony's husky voice.

BLAKE LEWIS - "Back to Life" / "Your Touch"
Blake's latest album, Portrait of a Chameleon, was clearly a labor of love and is finally available for perusal. 

SAM HUNT - "Ex To See"
If you are into poppy-country a la Lady Antebellum and Little Big Town like I am, give this one a spin.

Not as anthematic as prior singles but still great.

ANDY ALLO - "Tongue Tied"
Utterly ethereal.

GWEN STEFANI - "Baby Don't Lie"
Nothing about this really screams "first single comeback" to me but she's Gwen, so...yeah.

JESSIE J - "Sweet Talker" / "Seal Me With A Kiss" (feat. De La Soul)
I wish Sweet Talker the album had more uptempo jams on it but these two (and "Bang Bang") are worth the album purchase alone.

JIMMY FALLON - "Ew!" (feat.
It's ridiculous and silly (and it has on it...) but hear me out. It's a joke song, obviously, but it's kind of a on-point, totally-nailed-it statement on 2014 youth culture. And isn't that sad?

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