Tuesday, November 04, 2014

HEAR THIS: DANITY KANE finally unleashes "All In A Day's Work" (Hoot!)

Despite disbanding again for good this time(?), Danity Kane has released via their production group Stereotypes (who brought us "Damaged") their unofficial/official third/final album DK3 last week. Unfortunately, it was largely anticlimactic as much of what is great about this album, we've already heard during live performances ("Rhythm of Love", "Rage").

It should be praised that this effort ever saw the light of day to be honest, so I will give them that. I'm also proud that Ms. Shannon Bex is finally audible on a recording as her vocals were often lost in the mix/shuffle on previous albums.

While I would prefer to have the version with the incomparable Aundrea Fimbres, it's at least worth purchasing the strut-inducing "All In A Day's Work". Too bad the gals could hold it together to truly be the "Show Stoppers" we know they could have been....

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