Saturday, October 18, 2014

HEAR THIS: Lindsey Stirling Bows with Stellar DubStep Violin & "Shatter Me"

All in favor of generic DubStep breakdowns taking several seats for a good long while (or at least, slinking back to the sweaty EDM-fueled clubs it came to us from), say 'Aye'?

Now -- all in favor of creativity returning to the format, reinvention, and overall genre fusion? You can't say no to that, right?

Lindsey Stirling has been orbiting my radar for awhile now. Born of the YouTube Generation, she gained mainstream popularity thanks to the strides she made on America's Got Talent. She's since toured the world, released a few albums, and had a handful of fab collabs (that rhymed) with the lovely kids in Penatontix.

What makes her stand out is her organic melding of classic violin with electronica and dance music. Her latest single, "Shatter Me", which features ace Lzzy Hale of the metal group Halestorm literally shattering the public with her searing vocal delivery, has a lot of exciting ingredients. It's catchy as all hell. It's sonically unique and intense. And it's gaining adds at Top 40 radio stations hand over fist. 

Everything about this is giving me Evanescence vibes in the mid-00's, when Amy Lee's big, classical vocals soared over hard, metal-inspired beats. The difference here for 2014 is a DubStep breakdown is here, too, but with a virtuoso violin in counterpoint.

It's no surprise Stirling is so in demand in Europe -- her amplified violin lends itself well to the dancy-Celtic/Nordic music lover. It's highly possible that "Shatter Me" will be one of those outer echeleon, select market goldmine hits that will not only gain her new fans (me being one of them) but will lead to enough popularity to further fuel Stirling's already lucrative touring prowess.

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